Hi... im new here.. pls do orient me arround here ^__^

umm... its so tragic that my team left me and replace me for an old geezer who stole my feng techniques... since T6 arrive.. i devoted my self to use yoshi as my main character.. though i find yoshi's move are hard compare to t5dr. I'm looking for a master who could teach me and give me basic tips, jugles, combos and excercises

hope that i'll recieve some message soon.. oww.. by the way... i'm makin up idea what would be a better name? .. i have a new T6 data card and i don't have any idea what would i give a name to my yoshi and i don't know what team should i put or how should i write it.. hope that someone would accept me as part of there team and would give me a better nickname here...
i will be honored and be greatful for who will accept it

im not noob.. and my Feng is my lethal weapon.. since T6 arrive.. I want to be a yoshimitsu user and many player abuse feng techniques i showed them... try to get over feng wei copycats players...
i hate copycats that steals other techniques and doesn't acknowledge the original and just showing off just for fame... >:(

hey there! welcome to the site! unfortunately i have no idea what you mean >_< sorry but welcome! also, are you flip? :)

Hello there!
Welcome on board.
Uummm, Feng has..about 60, maybe 70 moves (more or less). That means everybody has to use these same tricks all the time, so don´t worry about that too much. It´s just a game.
When I loose, I always think to myself "yeah, beat me in Tekken, but I could crush u in real life, b****!!" hahahahahaaarrrr8)
So well, yes, I admit it: I AM A VERY BAAAD LOSER!! Winning isn´t everything?!?! Hell no, it´s the only thing that matters!!

Hmm, cool Yoshi names...
How about Shadow...ehhh..shadow.....well.....hmmmm...something with shadow in it :D
Shadow warrior/ninja/assassin or Manji leader/legend...or I om monjo logund

Chidori, ahh sorry, cheerio! ^^

I haven't played Yoshimitsu yet so I cannot be a valuable source of any information. I do know some basic juggles and techniques...but Yoshi isn't an easy one to play. Not as easy as Feng, sorry to say :). Because playing Yoshi isn't all about juggles.

His basic jg-starter, for example: d/f+2,2, is very punishable. He doesn't have reliable, fast and normal hit low jugglestarter. He relies on many, many setups and mind games. You'll have to learn to switch many of his stances. Pogo, Dragonfly, Indian Sit, Meditation, Kinchou, Swordless stance... are you prepared for it?

More top-tier and Feng-like character would be Dragunov. Easier and more powerful but still offering many strategies and mind games.

But if you're still interested in Yoshi, head over to Tekkenzaibatsu thread, breaking down his jugles, basic strats and frame data. There are some of my posts as well.


I also recommend you to watch some youtube top player videos to see their setups. ^^

Take care, mate. :)

PS. I don't understand the whole issue with a Team leaving you - you're forming many teams and compete vs each other?
PS2. Name your Yoshi - Sugoi, or Kagemaru, or (sth)maru - "Maru" meaning "Perfection" :)
PS3. Hehe, if you master Yoshi, other ppl will have hard time "copying your techniques" :)

To Pinrin...

what do you mean by flip?.. hahahahha.. pls. expound

and... tnx for the warm welcome ^__^

To Gettsu..

hahahaha.. yeah its only a game.. but if you're a pro gamer... its more like a job for us.. we are being payed to compete others...

its the only job I do since I'm still a student..
Well.. I always expect that others will copy it.. I admit defeat.. but what I can't stand is the other guys who copy your moves every single step... its like fighting your own self.. a copy cat that do everything what you do.. it annoys me.. hahahahaha

To Tenshimitsu...

tnx for the tip tenshimitsu....

yep.. we form teams to battle other teams.. its always a showdown between pro gamers... i don't form up team.. I was recruited and I was being replaced.. I've been a player of our team 8 months.. anyways

umm.. next week will be the WCG <World Cyber Game> competion in our country held in SM manila, Philippines july 28-31.. Tekken 6 will be featured in the event.. and I was left 3 weeks before the national showdown starts... foreigners who comes in our country.. mostly koreans are hard to beat.. hahahahaha..

Kagemaru will be a good name..

most of yoshi's moves had to press double button.. but I'm alawys prepared of it since I use yoshi back in tekken tag..

tnx for the source.. hehehehe.. i'll read it

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um well i mean pinoy ^_^

ahh.. ahahaha.. yep I'm a filipino..

and i thought flip you mean is stupid.. hahahaha :P

I envy you... there's absolutely no possibility in Poland to become a pro player in console or arcade games. Only if playing PC games such as CS, W3 TFT or other similar, you can achieve something. In Tekken, the players are organizing tournaments and they receive virtually no support or sponsoring. This is disgusting...

I'm most probably in the top 10 players in Poland yet I cannot earn any money on my achievements. Due to lack of perspectives for me as a Tekken player, I play this game less and less... not to mention I'm at the end of my studies and will be looking for a ful time job.

Anyway, take care and good luck, mate :)

That is devistating Tenshimitsu!! To have all that talent and not get any recognition for it! But full time job or no, I hope you'll still find time to keep it up. Who knows, one day things may change, fingers crossed for you!


rege_89 : ahh.. ahahaha.. yep I'm a filipino..

and i thought flip you mean is stupid.. hahahaha :P

ahh no that would be rude lol

Hey Rege, it´s like fighting Copy Ninja Kakashi.
Wow, Pro Player, I wonder how it is fighting with u guys...
I never played with "a real pro" hehe
The only competition is my uncle, with whom I fight every time we visit each other.
^^ And I´m the only competitive player for him, because he beats of the others, e.g. working collegues etc.
But we live over 300km away from each other. unfortunately...

BTW, do u play T5DR online?? What are ur ranks??

To Gatsu...

I didn't knew there were T5DR online since the T6 arrive.. hahaha.. my rank in T5DR in console is Divine Fist,, if its in arcade.. my rank is only 4th dan.. cuz i don't usually play in school hours...hahaha.. and I don't know also how to play online or to make a connection... its also easy to get high rank when you play console.. you'll just go to Tekken Dojo and battle it there.. also... I only played T5DR March 2008.. so for short.. I'm new to T5DR.. hahaha.. and T6 arrived arround june.. hahahaha... and I played T6 this july... I guess I'll be never go back to T5DR cuz, T6 and T5DR are so different when it comes to gameplay.. hehehe.. T6 rules!!! <for now>

also.. i'm sure your picture and name came from the anime "Berserk" right?.. hahahaha

To Tenshimitsu..

So your from Poland... actually... I have many friends who are fathers and on fulltime working still playing tekken..LOL!!.. hahaha.. most of these fathers and fulltime working guys appears evening @6pm and mostly at saturdays and sundays at the arcades... but now a days.. many younger players are way better than the old timers.. I think I consider myself as an old timer.. cuz i'm 18.. hahahaha...
In our country.. if you play tekken.. many spectator will watch and video your match.. but if you compare it to japan.. there tekken career there are way to far from here... they even have there own flat screen to let the spectator witness the game.. and also has there own ranking advertisements and "favorite video battle for the day" shows.. there tournament there are also supported by TV sponsors.. thats why.. most of the video you see from Youtube are from TV channels and some are video compilation of the spectator tooked. The reason why the people made sponsoring ideas here it because they can advertise there product and also attract more spectators and not to mention, consumers. Its like a business for them... and they called us Pro Gamers >> means player who are being payed to play for them.. its like a profession but you must be also a professional when it comes to a certain game. The money they pay is only good for the things you need, it won't help you to make rich, it will help to make your sponsors rich.. hahahaha.. and also.. you'll be recognize in the public...
The only good thing in our country is.. most of the Pro gamers are good in playing PC console "DotA ( Defense of the ancients in W3TFT ) and also CS... most of the gamers here are not good on star craft and some other console.. and I the worse scenario I encounter battling foreigner in tekken... Most of the japanese and korean gamers are way to good for us filipino gamers here.. they're not even that popular players in there country and also rank as the lowest.. but they can sure kick ass when it comes to tekken.
If you play tekken that attracts spectators.. I think most of the spectator you attract will acknowledge you cuz you took there attention.. hahahaha.. its not a lie.. and whats better is that.. many will cheer if the match goes even and fighting it for the last round.. and also a close fight... not only you will feel the adrenaline, but also the spectators who watch your game also feels the heat.. well.. thats my experience here.. I don't know the people there but.. I always acknowledge people who I beat not because I was better than them, Its because they made the game fun and memorable ^___^ and especially when I lose to expert players..

ps.1) If you stop playing.. I suggest you find a successor to inherit your knowledge to them.. hahaha.. thats how I got my skills today.. Its because I was being thought by my master.. hahaha.. he stopped playing cuz his a father now.. though he visit sometimes in the arcade.. hahahahaha.. he let his son play tekken.. hahahahaha

ps.2) I really don't like people who really copies every step you make in battle... I don't prefer it Kakashi cuz Kakashi is better than anybody right?. hahahahahah

A photocopy machine will do for them.. hahaha.. cuz they illegally plagiarize the moves you made.. plagiarism... hahahahaha

take care also :D

You're definitely not too old. e.g. Europe's finest player, Ryan Hart a.k.a the Prodigal Son, in much older than me, yet still in his full strength. It's only the matter of practice, daily training. He e.g. won in Tekken DR a match 1st to 5 with Nin. You surely know who's Nin... yes, THAT Nin. :)

I'm pretty recognizable in Poland and even in Europe... but I'd like to win more. Yet Poland is such a country that going to other countries and participating in tournaments doesn't count at all... it's all too expensive. And only when playing top players I can actually get better and better.

So... the circle closes. Maybe if I find a good job...

PS. Not to mention I STILL don't have access to Tekken 6, so I'm in a very bad position. Always too late, always after Japanese, Korean, even English players, already practicing a completely new game...

Yes, both are from the "Berserk" manga. It´s really cool, even though I´m not a fan of knights or anything, but Berserk is really special and awesome.

Well, I don´t even have a PS3 or a friend who has got one. Plus I lack the money to buy one:|
My uncle is also a 4th dan in T5DR...
but as well as your master he is now a father and his work demands a lot of him.
So he´s not a very active player.
BTW, my favorite characters to play with are Kazuya and Jin.:blush

YES, it´s true!!!! OMG Yoshi is only 3rd choice
But Jin is somehow one of the weaker characters. His movements just take too long...
(which drives me crazy sometimes and I get this "unfair, UNFAIIRRRR!!!?!"-mood)

I hope they´ve "pimped" both in T6 :satisfied
Kazuya in DR is yet a lot better than in the normal T5.

So, did u decide for a name already, Rege ??
And what about a team?

Ahh, I want to say another thing. Tekken online sometimes only plays with a time delay, which can be very annoying. You can´t compare these matches to real ones, because it makes it hard to play out your full strength.