Yoshimitsu Movie Photos/Concept Images

I'll reserve the role of the antagonist, then :)

I did a short'ish Tekken movie with my friends about three years ago. Looking back at it, it's so sh!t it's become a parody of itself. Good for a few laughs though, at least if you've got any idea what's been happening behind the camera.

About Yoshi's age, don't you think it's rather trivial and a subject of change? Tekken's not always been very consistent with the storyline. Besides, if he was mechanized quite soon after Tekken 2 (in his 20's or 30's would be my guess), wouldn't it mean his aging progress would've slowed down dramatically, if not frozen altogether?

Just a thought. Never heard of an aging cyborg.

True indeed!! I think we all have different answers in our minds to the questions about Yoshi. And you are right about the story changing and being inconsistent for most characters. I still look forward to see how they will put all the pieces together in big budget movie format. It could be a great movie or it could turn out very very badly.

If I played in a Tekken movie, I'd probably end up as Zafina, or Julia Chang (I'd prefer Zafina for being a psychic, and having the strong features). If not, I'd like to play some minor role, such as a member of the Manjitou, or perhaps a minor enemy role. *shrugs* :p

I have seen all of the Tekken movie pictures.

But I have one picture that no one else has seen it`s a picture of Jin with one side of face regular and the other side is Devil Jin!

Check out the picture at website at the bottom of the paige then go to my favorite characters page and you will find it.

Official movie website:Tekken-movie.com

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wow 65 years old?!

seriously didn't saw it coming that his age would get revealed

I have seen what Yoshimitsu looks like. He looks exactly how he does in T38)

wow... thanks for the link... hmmm, would they re-use a yoshi costume... coz, on what I've seen, he never used the same costume (except T5/T5DR & T3/TTT)... hmmm, I imagined too much on what his costume will be on the muvee...