Yoshimitsu Movie Photos/Concept Images

http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0001203/bio ... its a bio on Yoshi.. nd the last line shocked me like totally.:O:O:O !!!! ...... it says tht Yoshi was at the age of 65 at T2 ... i wonder he wud b more than 85 now... :S:S

Wow!!! The age is a little wacked in my opinion...He shouldn't be that old.....Maybe something like a young immortal Yoshi forced to roam the planet with his Manji Clan would be cooler than him just being old...

u kno, if u come to think of it..... in T1, he was already the leader of a clan.. so he shud b at least 35-40 then... so, after all this time, at present ( T6 ), i guess, he shud b something like 60 ... :S:S

Some if not all this info was taken from Wikipedia.

The info on his age was found in some magazine, though we can't be sure if the info is correct because we don't know if the magazine was unofficial.

For example, I have an unofficial Tekken guide that says: Yoshimitsu is an 'alien' and that his rival Kunimitsu is his ex girlfriend. LOL! Now we all know this can't true, especially the alien part. :D

So we can never be sure about it unless one of us gets our hands on that mystery magazine. :)

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if he is this old. This could be why he likes to upgrade so much. :P

I also think he has to be old. I mean, he´s been part of the game since T1.
How many years passed from 1 to 6??

Could be a lot worse. Imagine if we found out the Yoshi from Soul Calibur was the same Yoshi as in Tekken?? That would make him, how many centuries old?? I dunno, but I do know I don't a have a large enough oven to bake a birthday cake that can hold THAT many candles!! :D

i told ya... he's gonna be atleast 60.... cz in T1 being the leader of a clan, he wud b at least 40 yrs old,... ohh, nd speaking of b'days... Yoshi's not the only one who's having a birthday... is it Jemma??.. hihi

Cillian Murphy

Johnny Depp

Samuel Holmes (White-Angel-Of-Death on deviantART)

Any of three above would make a better Sergei Dragunov. :D

holy /%&¤ who is the last one?

Her brother

lol, like Matt said - my brother, Samuel. XD

He does make a good Dragonuv, but I have faith that the one they cast will do a good job. I am kind of bummed....I haven't heard any recent news about this movie, no dates, no trailers, nothing. I hope it's still coming out soon!!!

if they are gonna make a second tekken, your brother should play him no question :D

A.K Fan1234 : if they are gonna make a second tekken, your brother should play him no question :D

My brother actually started his cosplay in hopes of catching Namco's attention, so perhaps one day. :) For now, we'll just focus on homemade videos and all. ^__^

Gotta say, it would be sooo cool to make a Tekken movie with YOT members playing all the parts!! I just wish I was rich and slighly madder than I already am so I could fund such a pointless but fun project!! Though there'd be a fight over who gets to play Yoshi. Personally, I wouldn't mind so long as I get to play his girlfriend :wink