Yoshimitsu Movie Photos/Concept Images

I think he´ll shave this beard...this is probably just a test for the costume or whatever.
And well, he should make something about his hair too XD

But besides that, I think he might be a good cyborg with those empty eyes ^^

I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing of this....I'm really excited they're finally making a movie, of all the people cast here the only two I really agree with are Steve and Bryan...Jon Foo is awesome but not for Jin, just based on that pic of him, i would've thought Hwoarang would be a better match. I know the nationality is wrong, but still. Even though I'm not sure about some of the casting, I will still be there the day it opens, and will buy it the day it comes to dvd. Also here's Kazuya played by Ian Anthony Dale. And Marian Zapico as Anna Williams.

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Candice Hillebrand and Marian Zapico as Nina Williams and Anna Williams respectively

Anna Williams(marian) again!

some tekken casts
(From left to right)Lateef Crowder (Eddy Gordo), Anton Kasabov (Sergei Dragunov), rightmost Gary Daniels (Bryan Fury) *dunno who the other 3 are...

well, ive only got that... HAVE FUN!! ( I WANT TO SEE YOSHI IN THE MOVIE!! )

GO YOSHI! :yes

Dragunov needs some muscles :D
And what´s with that smile ? Hehehehe, nahh, looks like they have fun.

But damn, nobody is good enough to play Kazuya.
Besides, there´s only one guy capable of playing an authentic Tekken character in generell, for me the best martial Artist of all.
As Uri Boyka, he was unbeatable...and he´ll be back...
Scott Adkins, British actor and MA genuis and my idol XD
I think I´ve told u about him somewhere here, but doesn´t matter.

Check this!

This is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa He's playin Heihachi!! HaHaHaHa Wow!! I love this dude but I dunno about him for Heihachi.

Hmm, not very pleased about that. He looks evil and is Asian, but that´s probably it.
Hehehe, just imagine Heihachi´s hair on this dude XD

Has he got some MA skills?
Maybe he´ll just play some kind of Mishima Zaibatsu/Mob boss anyway...

He was Shang Tsung on the Mortal Kombat movies, and yeah he does have the skills, but he lacks Heihachi's size and build. I also agree that he would look ridiculous with the hair. He has quite an impressive filmography. I'm pretty sure he comes from a Kung Fu background, so why not Wang or Feng for this dude? He would look the part more.

Hahaha!! Yeah, that old Mortal Kombat movie XD I remember...:D
Duuuude....but he didn´t really fight in that movie, did he?

And he´s pretty old now anyway...can´t ask that much of him. He ain´t no Sly Stallone hehehe:wink

HaHaHa! No he surely is not Stallone. And you're right he didn't fight much in MK just against Liu Kang at the end.

how would that play heihachi? i mean, would they just add some wig, and TADA, instant heihachi?

ALSO, i would agree too with Gattsu that no one's good enough to play kazuya, i mean, look, kazuya's face, eyebrows, and hair... ahehe... :D

im still worried about yoshi in the movie... looks like he really is just a side char. but, i wish they wont make him just that...

Hey, I have a great idea for Yoshimitsu´s role in that movie...

I will play him XD
I got the looks, the skills and the motivation to put on the best Yoshi the world has ever seen hehehehehehee

sorry, but hey, it´s allowed to dream from time to time, right? :p

well, everyone has their own dreams! :D hahaha!

Ok, so Tekkenpedia has a bunch of new cast members listed, but this is the only site that has these characters confirmed as being in the movie. I must say I would love to see some of these guys in the movie, so I hope this is true. Here they are: Robin Shou (Liu Kang) as Lei, Taiyou Suguira (girl??) as Lee, Holly Marie Combs as Michelle, Charisma Carpenter as Julia, Aishwarya Rai as Zafina, Chad Haaheo Rowan as Ganryu, Hsu Hui Xin as Asuka, Henriette Richter-Rohl as Leo, Jae Hee as Hwoarang, Jang Hyuk as Baek, Mitt Lenix as Lars, Eric Scott Esch (Butterbean) as Bob, Chen Dao Ming as Wang, Donnie Yen as Feng, and Ryan Bader as Paul....Like I said before, I have my doubts about the validity of this lineup, but if it is true, I think it will only add to the quality of this film. So here's hopin'!

but remember the highest wishes leads too disappointment :con

I'm pretty sure most of those aren't true since the timeline wouldn't be right, and it would make for a very long movie to introduce all these characters before the tournament. I have seen other sites that confirmed Jae Hee as Hwoarang, and Holly Marie Combs as Michelle, but as for the rest, I'm thinkin' someone wanted these people to be in this movie, so they edited the cast lineup accordingly...Either way I think I'm gonna love this movie, and the talent that is positively confirmed will be more than enough.