Yoshimitsu Movie Photos/Concept Images

Hi, I'm a newcomer to these forums but not to Tekken. Yoshimitsu has always been my favorite character, since buying my first Tekken game. Some may know this news, some may not but there is a new Tekken movie coming out in 2009. I would love to see some photos or concept images of Yoshimitsu in the new movie if anyone has some or knows where I can get one. I'd also like any photos/concept images of basically any character in the ne movie but Yoshimitsu is my main priority. Also, I would like photos, concept sketches and fanart of Yoshimitsu in his Tekken 2 costume where he had the staw hat, the sort of mushroom like thing on his head. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You would like to see... Well, look in the galleries and you'll find loads of pics. Anyway that T2 mushroom thingy is called a Jingasa and it's made of a lacquered wood. (you can even find them on ebay.)

I havn't bothered searhing any info on the movie before; I'm frightend Yoshi may not be in it. But I've just looked it up and this is the 1st site I found. It's not english, but does have some pictures. [url=http://images.google.co.jp/imgres?imgurl=http://news.mydrivers.com/img/20080329/S03054924.jpg&imgrefurl=http://kaskus.us/showthread.php%3Fp%3D32631247&h=305&w=550&sz=33&hl=ja&start=46&um=1&tbnid=cxfn7uop1V6qjM:&tbnh=74&tbnw=133&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dtekken%2B2009%26start%3D36%26ndsp%3D18%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dja%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN]link[/url]


A more official page. Ok, looks like yoshi might be in it here.

Edit: Again... 1st link scroll up. ^^"

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Hahaha! The 3rd post !! -> check the link again ^^
Why don't you just use imdb. Best site for such things.
Besides, there's a pic of Marshall Law already, which
looks kinda ridiculous. -.-
<they shouldn't make it 1:1 too insincere

He dosen't even look like Law... Please tell me that's someones cosplay outfit. o_O

Nope... it's that actor. But the actors for Steve, Kaz and Nina really scares me.
I heard Yoshi will not appear.

Sakujo : Nope... it's that actor. But the actors for Steve, Kaz and Nina really scares me.
I heard Yoshi will not appear.
He is credited to appear, apparently. Good news for change! :)
I also gringe at the guy they selected as Bryan. I hope the CGI masters and make-up artists know what they're doing with him...

Haha! Gogo Yubari as Xiaoyu! That's brilliant!

I wonder if they'll have a different guy do Yoshi's voice, since the actor's just a stunt performer.


No way Gary Ray Stearns as YOSHIMITSU this sucks:((

I fear Yoshi will only be a sidecharacter. Someone who is in the main chara's way, will be knocked out or something and doesn't come up again :(

You're probably right, I can't see Yoshimitsu getting a big role although it'd be awesome if he did.

It says in the plot summary that it is featuring Jin who must defeat the world's toughest fighters at the king of iron fist tourney to find his mother's killer. I'm hoping Yoshimitsu will be portrayed as the ultimate bad-ass villain that Jin has to get through and gets as much screen time as possible.

Yoshi as a bad ass?! No way, Yoshi is a good guy :D
Anyways, I´ve found out that the guy playing Marshall Law is known martial artist himself. There are some vids of his fights on youtube:


He´s not so bad, but Buakaw would kick his ass ^^"

Edit: Okay, u have to check out this one:

That´s crazy! He has a very special way of fighting. Really awesome -> 1:37m

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Wow, he destroyed that guy (who kinda looks like Bryan). I think he's too jacked to play Marshall law haha. He also needs to grow a nice stash : | )

I´m really looking forward to see Luke Goss as Steve. That guy is kickass, I loved him
as Nomek in Blade II and he was ingenious as Prince Nuada in Hellboy II.
His voice is dark and creepy :D
And he´s English! Perfect guy for Steve ^^

The rest of the cast is really odd...Jon Foo as Jin ?? Okay, he´s a kickass martial artist, but his style is more based on acrobatics and he´s small and rather skinny...
That´s not the Jin I wanna see...also that guy that plays Kazuya ?! wtf who is he ??

That´s Jon Foo as Jin...

At least Yoshi´s face won´t be shown XD
so as long as the guy playing him is in a good condition, he can make Yoshi look good...

EDIT: since I can´t post twice, I have to do it like this...
there´s a new pic of the movie, showing Bryan Fury. Besides the hair he looks
good ^^

It´s from this site: http://www.icelebz.com/movies/tekken/

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they said the actor who'll be yoshimitsu is just a stunt performer/stunt double on other movies...

but what would be his costume!! i would appreciate any pic of yoshimitsu in the movie!!! :D

Gattsu :
there´s a new pic of the movie, showing Bryan Fury. Besides the hair he looks
good ^^
O_O !!! *shocked gasp*
[rant]I'm officially disappointed. Even my ball-shaped sheep fluffy looks more intimidating than him.

And lose the facial hair, please.... pretty please.... with a cherry on top...

Could be have the scars where they belong to? [/rant]

Despite the expected disappointment, I think the movie could turn out to be visually interesting. In the time of almost 100% computer-animated movies, there's a big chance we get to see some signature moves that have actually been made to look realistic and powerful enough.