Huge Tekken Pics


I just saw the giant Yoshi pic in your media area, which isn't open for
anybody. I have a link where a lot more character pics can be found in this size. :D

-> check it out!

My brother and I made us a gigantic Kazuya poster out of photo paper. It's alomst 2m tall !! Looks great! Yoshimitsu would also look awesome!! That's 4 sure:D
Hmmm, there must be a pic of it somewhere...

I'll make a new shot:

That's a very good idea!

Maybe I'll make a yoshi one! But I think I might be too old for that; but if I do I'll show it.:p

What? Too old?! No way, if you like it, then you should do it.
That's all that matters.


I made a yoshi callender instead with a to-do list. So he'll be on the wall reminding me of all my chores.:)

Great idea! I should also make one, because I tend to forget birthday dates very often. ^^"