The new guy....

Hi everybody!

My name's Chris, I'm 21 and I live in southern Germany.
I've been playing Tekken since my childhood days, started with
Best game on earth, what else should I say ?! :D

Since one of my hobbies is making/building things, I've started to build my own Yoshimitsu Beetle-suit!
As yet, I have almost finished the shoulder part and the chest.
I have to thank you for providing all the Yoshi pics! I had a good use of them :D

It's a bit quite here in the forum I think, but I'm sure this'll change ^^

Hello, and welcome to YOT.

I would very much like to see this costume once it's finished. I have made a T2 Yoshimitsu and T2 Kunimitsu masks myself and used them in a fan movie I made of Tekken. Rather challenging, but I guess making a whole armour will prove to be more challenging.

Yeah, it's a bit quiet. We're all eagerly waiting for Tekken 6 and what it might bring.

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

Ahh, yes I saw them in the Gallery! Pretty cool!
Also your T3 helmet. You shoul put some colour on it ^^

Welcome to the Manji Clan 8) or should i say YOT :)

Wow, thanks !! I really appreciate this. ^^
I think I'm gonna have fun here.