Props to fan-artists

Was bored today, so I checked out the YOT gallery. Frankly, I'm amazed at the quality and/or creativity of many of you fan-artists out there. These are a couple I enjoyed the most.

Much luv for T5, 2P Yoshi
Very pretty
Mad "blood-drip" effect
Frikken sweet
lolz awesome idea for a side-kick
I remember this one. Respek' ;)
Sexy Time!! XDXD lolzz
Prob my fav pic of all...
HAHA awesome!
Dude, like... just... WOW! 8|

Just wanted to express my appreciation for all the unique and original Yoshimitsu artwork. Do keep them coming people -- maybe I'll decide to take out my pad and pen one day and join ya'll. (Argh, so freekin lazy I am... :( loll anyway...)

Uga buga buga!!,

Dude lol, thanks for "featuring" my artworks XDXD
Most of my Yoshi artworks and animations (only 2) can be found at my deviantArt gallery btw.

Anyway, looking forward to your own Yoshi artwork ^^

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Was checking out your DA, Clarissa. Wayta make me addicted to the site!

The Yoshi animations were kick-ass. You are brilliant with your dark/gloomy designs. And Jakey roxx!! haha

No way I could draw like that, but I'm suddenly inspired to start my endless hours of random sketching once again.

Thanks for sharing your passion and hard work with us. I look forward to whatever else you decide to draw next (hoping more Yoshi... =p)


Cheers for picking my art as well :)

Seeing the old 'commercial break' comic strip (as we called it) brought back warm memories ^_^ I should get back to drawing more official Yoshimitsu pics. Those armours are just a real pain in the @rse to draw, let alone memorize to be able to draw them without a reference image. Could try, though :D

And yes, majority of my art is also in dART -

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

Kogamitsu : And yes, majority of my art is also in dART -

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu
lol, free Tibet indeed! Although I just can't help it laugh at the stupidity of it all. I had no idea about this:

Anyway, cool pics Koga. ;) You're sure into Djinn, ain't ya. lol


I hope I can someday show you my Yoshimitsu T4 Bug-suit. Today, I finally had the time to sculpt for some hours, because it´s a public holiday here in Germany.
But it takes sooo damn long to smoothen the stuff and to make the proportions correct.
Started to make the arm part, too.
Maybe I´ll add some pics later.

BTW, the chest was already finished, but first it fell down on the floor, which caused a big crack and loosend a part of the chest front, and then I forgot to cover it and our dog came to my room and ate a whole lotta piece of clay !!! :dontgetit

Thank god it´s not poisonous or something for him.
But it costs me another hour.

How could someone make that yoshimitsu T3 costume?

Nice , very nice !