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Thanks for the amazing quote Junon. Very inspiring and wise words indeed.

Vijay, I hope you don't think I was being harsh to you. Your loyalty for yoshimitsu, despite your apprehensions, is worthy of admiration. It is true, without a doubt, even from this noob, that Yoshi requires a lot of skill to master, but you need to think beyond 'win/lose' and know that you can lose, and still be the better player. I've watched countless Yoshi battles in which Yoshi loses, and yet still been in awe of the poetry and art in the player's style. This, in my opinion, is the real value of Yoshi; the reminder that in life, it is often the journy, and not the destination, that matters. He wants us to know this, because it's a lesson we can take beyond the game itself. I recently quit the game, because I too had the wrong attitude, but Yoshi repayed my own past loyalty by not giving up on ME. And now, I am back in the game and trying my best.

With this in mind, next time you feel down because you are losing to a noob, why not challenge them to a Yoshi on Yoshi? Then, maybe they will see first hand, just how much skill this guy requires. Yoshi doesn't suck, there is method in his madness and he knows what he is doing!! ^^

Thanks Junon... That is indeed one of the best quotes for Tekken.... I will treasure it... And thanks every one for being so nice even though i act rude most of the time... I am so addicted to Tekken 5 Yoshi that i still try to low crush moves and end up missing the crushes... @ thanks a lot tenshi... for the advice.... I think Yoshi still doest have... Decent high crush which used to be his d/b 1... Really you cant play Tekken without special mid moves... And i cant attend any tourney..for people here do not have respect or admiration or anything for games... Its like a disgrace... And i am reaching 30...over here people over 25 hardly play any game.... So... Its very hard ... On the other hand people have high expectations on me... Being doctor and eldest of family... Worst thing is there are no tourneys over here... All i learn is from internet ... Oh its nice to hear Jembru is back on Tekken... Finally thanks guys for everything !

# vijay_kumar_cute : may be its easy for you tenshi to win with Yoshi... But you dont no... How bad it feels when some dumb witted spammer with out any idea of frames beats you with feng .... While you wonder what could have been wrong... The you realise all of a sudden that Yoshi does not have any move that high crushes or low crushes.. Properly... I am training to look like fool...in the hands of an untrained fool... Who smirks over me... Its not good to think Yoshi rocks when he actually does not .... And there is nothing as mind games with Yoshi... If there are any no one wants to share them... Where do i go... Whom do i seek... The frustration Yoshi divine shows in his forum tired of getting ass kicked .... Is just a small percentage(0.00001%) of overall players. Even the best Yoshi player i know has deserted Yoshi (souten)... People may say why stick around... Quit playing Yoshi ... Even Nin said that to junon.... But I say... Ninja never quits... To the death... And this my friends is called Loyalty .... I wish i knew some cool japanese words i can say around here ... Any how no offence intended to Yoshi or Tenshi ... What so ever... Regards Manji Ninja...

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And you off all know tenshi about Yoshi and his hit boxes... Some people make combo videos.. Some make tributes...but for Yoshi they make comedy videos... The one with weird hit box video...

thats pure example of why Tekken is way more than just a game, take a look and consider what kind of emotion that game can trigger in side of you. good job namco you made and addiction

Kumar: here's the thread in Tekken Zaibatsu relating to Indian Tekken Community:

And just try to google out "tekken india" :)

Gonna try and look for some belgium players :)

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I have found no one in my region :(
Only one other guy from belgium, lives in brussel and speaks french :(
Oh well, it's better than nothing right :D

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Hey, I would love to be added. This seems like a great community, and I know that I am a bit new but I am very active for my time here.

 ._.  At the risk of necroposting potentially? I'd like to apply for the membership-bump. 
I'm a die hard fan of Yoshimitsu; I'm not exactly the creative type or artistic, but I do love to play the game, the storyline of it all, and a bit of reflection on both. I cannot be the most active member, but I do come on here several times a week, if only lurking.

You're added to the YOT member group, enjoy :)

Congrats Twisted

 Haha, thank you! Hopefully once I get better I'll have quite the contributions to make.