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True dat.
And sure, yoshimitsu rules and kicks ass...but the other characters are just more bad ass BURNING FIST !!

Even though I'm not fully satisfied with your answer, I can make an exception... :)

You've just gained my respect for accepting me the way I am tenshi. I'm proud to consider you the boss of the forum I love to visit.

ps: you're more badass than paul ;p

Welcome Ralenzo.... Its really good to have some one thinking outside the box over here.... But Pls do not share any info to non Manji... Its a request.... Yoshi sucks already... Dont make him suck more...

# vijay_kumar_cute : Yoshi sucks already... Dont make him suck more...

Arghhh! You guys push me over the limit :)

thank you kumar, you're cool

# Tenshimitsu : Arghhh! You guys push me over the limit :)
may be its easy for you tenshi to win with Yoshi... But you dont no... How bad it feels when some dumb witted spammer with out any idea of frames beats you with feng .... While you wonder what could have been wrong... The you realise all of a sudden that Yoshi does not have any move that high crushes or low crushes.. Properly... I am training to look like fool...in the hands of an untrained fool... Who smirks over me... Its not good to think Yoshi rocks when he actually does not .... And there is nothing as mind games with Yoshi... If there are any no one wants to share them... Where do i go... Whom do i seek... The frustration Yoshi divine shows in his forum tired of getting ass kicked .... Is just a small percentage(0.00001%) of overall players. Even the best Yoshi player i know has deserted Yoshi (souten)... People may say why stick around... Quit playing Yoshi ... Even Nin said that to junon.... But I say... Ninja never quits... To the death... And this my friends is called Loyalty .... I wish i knew some cool japanese words i can say around here ... Any how no offence intended to Yoshi or Tenshi ... What so ever... Regards Manji Ninja...
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And you off all know tenshi about Yoshi and his hit boxes... Some people make combo videos.. Some make tributes...but for Yoshi they make comedy videos... The one with weird hit box video...

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I understand your frustration and I think you should stop once you're not having fun anymore. But you don't really have to win ya know, you could just pick up yoshimitsu because he's fun, that's why I play with him once and a while, and that's also why I will try to main him with my others in Tekkentag2.
I never look at tier list or whatever, I pick a character that looks cool and fights cool. I Try him out in training and put him to test online or with others, but I will never play with him if I find myself not having fun anymore, some like challenges and others don't.
And really I don't think that yoshimitsu sucks that bad you know, I've played with yoshimitsu before against other players and also against other yoshimitsu players and I have won before.
What also might help is play with other characters, they can open up your playstyle, try picking up the character you have the most trouble with. Play a while with that character, know their weaknesses and their strengths, when you then play with yoshimitsu against that character you'll have it alot easier.

Tenshi doesn't know? So what are you saying, she was just born with these skills and never had to learn the hard way like the rest of us?

And did I read right, did you REALLY say there are no mind games with Yoshimitsu? Are you serious?

Yoshi does suck, if we are talking about ice lollies, jawbreakers and slush puppies. If you mean as a character, then you and I have a very different definition of what 'sucks'. You're saying he's weaker than others, okay, so say that, I'm not even going to argue, but please don't say he sucks, because it simply isn't true! Also try to remember, he may be hard to master, but he can only be as good as the person controlling him.

Aaaanyway... now that's off my chest, congrats Ralenzo. I'm pleased you got your wish and it's great to have you amongst us.

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Btw kumar, I would love to play with you in tekken and "try" to help you get better, like I said TRY :p
And believe it or not, by playing alot against those spammers you WILL get better :p
It's like this, the first 5 times you'll get hit by all the low spams, but after the 6th time you'll recognize their moves, block low and punish them. before you know it, you're muscles will be moving on their own ^^'

Oh you sneaked a post in Ralenzo!! Was that.. you admitting he doesn't suck?? Close enough so hooray!!!

s-s-shut up !! :p
And yeah well, yoshi has some cool moves I've always recognized them. I've always loved samurais and mitsurugi and well yoshimitsu has some moves like them, I think he has the coolest movesets in tekken 6, he just happens to be low tier thats all :p

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let me correct that, yoshimitsu stole some moves from mitsurugi :p

Thanks Jemma... For knocking some sense into me ... I have greatly mistaken that tenshi has way her way up without all the troubles we are going thru... Its just i talk first and never think... Thanks we have someone who does thinking for me... Oh Ralenzo ... I would definately play with you if possible... And i also like mitsurigi .... and also mikagami from flame of recca... Not all samurai or Ninjas are cool...

Vijay, just a bit of food for thought for you. One of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee applies to Tekken in it's purest form:

"When the enemy expands, I contract. When the enemy contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit, it hits all by itself."

Think about it ;)

Kumar... first of all: Yoshi has low and high crushes. High crush: d+4, d+3, Fc,d/f+4, SS+1. Low crush: a lot of them: u+3+4, u/f+3, u/f+4, 3~4, DGF...

and also... about how it was with me...

I was of course losing at the beginning of my adventure, most of the time. But I wasn't any kind of chicken and didn't give up, and I decided to test myself on the top level. I attended the big tournament during Tekken Tag Tournament times, and even though I lost pretty badly, I made friends with many people, one of which was my mentor.

She taught me everything about Tekken, the advanced way of playing. I could also deduce a lot by only seeing her play: how she uses her hands, how she watches the screen. How calm and focused she was. It taught me a lot.

And then, there was practice. Attending Tekken meetings: one weekend in a month of intense playing and skill-up. And also everyday playing, testing every single move Yoshimitsu had. Having silly notes all over the place in school notebooks about a custom string that suddenly came to my head and I had to test. Call it ever going background-processing and analyzing a game. :P And, of course, I was attending tournaments.

If I were to give you only one piece of advice and the most important one, I would say: participate in tournaments! The amount of skill-up on every single tournament participation is astounding. It equals roughly a couple of months of playing at home. There's not only tournament play: think about all these warm-up sparrings. All these people who usually are helpful and share their knowledge. You can even meet people from your own city you didn't even know.

Make contacts, attend to tournaments, play regularly with friends: this is the key.

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# Junon : Vijay, just a bit of food for thought for you. One of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee applies to Tekken in it's purest form:

"When the enemy expands, I contract. When the enemy contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit, it hits all by itself."

Think about it ;)

Oh my, such a true quote :)