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# A.K Fan1234 : well you are the boss

At least vijay makes longer posts in forums :P (nedle, needle!)

I am usually a silent guy but when it comes to Yoshi i become loud mouth and blabber, i cant stop talking i have so much to say so many ideas, so much to help.. Cause i had real trouble finding help until i came to Manjikai.

I haven't been active in a long time, so I'm thankful for being promoted to a YOT member. As of now, I'm currently planning on playing Tekken again. So I'll probably be more active in the months to come. :)

I'll bite. Despite the forum being semi-inactive, I still visit throughout the work day to kill time. I feel like I've made some great progress over the past few months with yosh, and have gotten a good amount of compliments on my playstyle (even though I still feel like I suck). Regardless, I just have a lot of fun with yoshi, and he appeals to my playstyle of using lots of evasive moves while taking advantage of all his stances. It'd be nice to get bumped up in the ranks, or have some some more yoshi mirror matches -- I've learned a great deal from the sessions with noodlehead, and the one or two I've had with Zen.

Random bragging : MED 3 ~ BT Flea is awesome. I started toying with it a few days ago, and think I'm onto something with the timing. I was playing with my buddy that uses lars the other day, and I came up with a series of evasive attacks that confused the shit out of him:

F+3+4~ b ~ BT CD1, med 3 ~ bt flea UB. Probably completely useless in tournament play, but it did look really cool :p I'm really starting to love all these bt shenanigans, just gotta learn better ways to get into it :P

I wish we had pokes... Like facebook! Then i could poke you all back into activity! Harass! harass! harass! lol :)

# SumSamurai : I wish we had pokes... Like facebook! Then i could poke you all back into activity! Harass! harass! harass! lol :)
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Hey I was wondering, could I become a Yot member. There were topics were I wanted to reply and ask something like that tekken tag 2 topic. But I couldn't, and I heard that the only way to post there is to become a yot member.

But you said that Yoshi sucks... :) It's a "no, no"! :P

You said yoshi sucked??? REPENT YOUR SINS NOW! lol

That is not fair...that's no legitimate reason...but okay. what do you think about this :p
If I'm able to beat you once, will you then make me a yot member :D

Yeah, I wanna see some serious boot-licking. If I can't see my reflection in the Boss's boots by the time you're done, then you're not worthy. LOL

Seriously, just swallow your pride and admit yoshimitsu is the MAN!!! ADMIT IT!!!

Never I will NOT submit !! :p

Then enjoy being a regular member Ralenzo!! :))

lol ralenzo.... You are in no win situation....

Tekken is too random to have everything judged on one fight.

Added 52 minutes later:

So, Ralenzo: just say that Yoshi rules and kicks ass and you'll be a Manjikai Member :)

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