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Hi, I just found this site last night after reading the article about the changes Yoshimitsu was gonna undergo in T6, I got concerned. I started searching for all available info on the subject and only managed to find the same article written ten different ways. About how he is going to be an "expert" character now, and much harder to use. And that he's undergone the most drastic change, one guy even said he's like a totally new character. After reading the japanese movelist for T6 (Thank you for posting it) it seems there are many changes to learn, but besides the changes you noted, are all the other old moves the same? Also , if he's an expert character now why hasn't he moved up on tier lists for T6? and what exactly do they mean by that? Anyways, I must say I've been playing Yoshi religously since T2(arcade), and I never lose to any of my friends, but i was watchin' the Tenshi vs. Steve video, and it was a sobering experience. You make him do things in sequences I've never seen before, very cool! So I really wanted to read what you had to say about strategy and the yoshi FAQs, but I'm not allowed access. After reading about the thievery I totally understand why you would limit access to certain people. I hope eventually I can qualify to view this info and I look forward to meeting everyone.

well, i do agree that yoshi had the biggest change in the game...

in my opinion, yoshimitsu was changed into an "EXPERT" character since accdg to his story for tekken 6/teken 6 BR, his sword loses power that he needs to change his sword...( thats why most of his sword attacks now are blockable, unlike last time) Also, in order to adapt to the disadvantage in the story, he needs to study a new manji style called KENJUTSU which involves two-sworded fighting and pure fist fighting... ALSO, since yoshimitsu doesnt have that much juggles last time(as what they said), they improved yoshimitsu like changing him into a different character, using 2 swords in fighting, adding new stances, etc.

just that! :D hope this helps... :D

(dont worry, I too adapted for yoshi's change, although i started playing tekken when it was already tekken 3... :D ahehe... )

Hmm, as far as I know, Yoshi in tekken 6 uses his own sword (that became weaker and unstable) and another sword, used to balance the instability of his weapon.

I wonder how this story will be continued... :)

if you notice, he uses only 2 swords/ a sword in his attacks... BUT, if you you look closely at Yoshi's T6/T6BR costume, he has 3 swords!! 2 on his back and one in his waist (im not sure if he uses the other sword at his back... cause he uses one sword there at his normal stance, and the sword by his waist for other attacks like "b/f+2+2")

:D GO YOSHI!!!! :yes

Why would anyone ever need three swords?

well, thats what im wondering... try observing his P1 Tekken 6/Tekken 6 BR costume... you'll notice it... :|

GO YOSHI! :yes

ok .. i'm a new member here devoted to Yoshimitsu ...
things are simple... where i come from, not many people play Tekken, and among the few, I guess, im the only one who appreciates Yoshi... i've been using him since 1999(T3)

Why would anyone ever need three swords?

- just in case his original breeks :D

anyways I'm pretty new here, but not really new to Yoshi. However the transition to Tekken 5 Yoshi is too much for me to bear (can't do those BT IND/MED setups) effectively... Tekken 6 is another matter, makes me feel like using Yoshi competitively again.

Anyways I vote for no swords Yoshi (hopes everybody wouldn't kill me for this)

hello to you too...

well, i do agree that the change of yoshi is big, but, probably they made it for the advancement of his story, and the new system called BOUND... just look at his f+1+2, its like a smash attack that allows bound, right?

well, i got confused too when 1+2 was changed into KIN... the sword balance is now d+1+2, right?

I would certainly love to be added in as a Yoshimitsu Elite Member... Perhaps there is a certain way that I could contribute?? I thought of doing so with YouTube Video uploads showcasing my skills come the 28th, as well as..... well, you will soon see within the next few days. I think you will like my sense of "Style."

Hint, hint....

I have also made my Ghost Data available on Tekken Zaibatsu's Ghost Library. Try it out and let me know what you think!!



Well some of the members have been here for over a year before reaching YOT Elite status, You're already a YOT member, so you can view all the restricted stuff like Tenshi's FAQ..

well i'd like to be improved to a YOT member to fully master yoshimitsu in every way. cause seriously, he's one of the coolest character. Yoshi has always inspired me in every way. So if i could acces the faq section i'd use these powers for good, and not evil : HAHA U GOT OWNED NOOB!!! ...no, i'd rather say : hey good match man!

I must bring yoshimitsu to the top!

I hope you'll find here all you need, AngelBoy :)


Hola one and all
Sorry for being late to the party , wow is a beast.
love the site and yea still loving yoshi after all these years.
This is more a hi y'all (seeing as it is the introductions bit).