YOT Members applications - post here


Since all the best content in YOT is now available only for the ranks "Tekken fan" and "YOT Member", it's the place for you to write whether you want to be leveled up. :)


Don't forget to write why :P

I'm gonna assume all us old YOT members are gonna get grandfathered in, but I guess here's my welcome to all prospective new recruits :D


Given due to the recent thefts on this site, and the fact that the titles "Tekken Fan" and "Yot Member" are a users dedication to the site ( usually dictated by number of post if im not mistaken ) it would generally take some sort of contribution ( fan art, fan fics, High post count, or in me and tora a really long membership ) to be considered .. granted special consideration may be due but for the most part we cant just hand these titles out or we may end up being taken advantage of again.. and it would be a shame if all the hard work making this one of the best tekken/ yoshimitsu shrines was to go to waste because of such theiveries....

this is all just my opinion .. tenshi we all trust you judgement!



During a month or two the situation will stay as it is now. Don't forget that Kogamitsu is also a strong voice on YOT Shrine. :) After I pass my final exam, many things will change. :) For the better, I hope. ^^ By that time I feel really sorry that I can't devote as much of my time as it's needed :/

You have a good point there i'm with you guys all the way good luck:)


New members register on this site, but it seems no one wants to have full access to the site? Maybe I should make the application topic somewhat more visible...

Maybe create a visible link somewhere on the home page, or us admins could keep bumping this thread on regular basis? I could also include a link in my signature, at least it should be of some aid.

Naah, don't spoil your signature, it's fine :D

Yes, I'm definitely going to make a link either in Control Panel or in the front page. (edit: but not today :( lot's of work)

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A link would be better. Well that's my opinion :)

Well, this thread is getting pretty spammy.

If anyone wants my opinion; I think it's better to earn ranks through ppl showing their devotion to the site and Yoshimitsu. Because not everyone will ask for a raise, for reasons they might be shy or fear rejection.

The site should automatically rank members through loyalty (Visiting on regular basis, while detecting un-necessary repetitive log in.) It's all too easy just to give privileges to ppl; "Yeah, I love yoshi!" (Raise)

Well I'm happy to wait until you guys know me and trust me through my sweet chirpy attempts to get involved. I am indeed a dedicated Yoshi fan but I'm also a very patient girl! Actually... why haven't I introduced myself?... to the 'introductions' section...

May I ask something... who is/was the oldest member here in YOT?... and also still active.. aside from tenshimitsu <<<< his the boss .. hhahaha.. cuz I saw the old webpage of this site.. hahaha

Well, I'd like to be leveled up in order to have access to resources that will allow me to play Yoshimitsu better in the game. That's really my biggest and only reason. Being a student and all may hinder my ability to keep track of EVERY post in the forum, but if the dedication is for Yoshi, consider me one of his most loyal fighters. :satisfied

Hey kababayan rege_89 does age really matter?

How do I level up ? 10 posts or more? Good to know there are also Filipinos in YOT. KABAYAN!