SC4 Yoshi

Hehehe... cool!! Yeah, I can understand those just fine. But I admit I have never heared those expressions... I mean, 'this is where you die' and 'you are already dead!!!' hahahaha...never had use for such sayings...

Also... in the second sentance is it defintely 'ka'?? If so then I have not seen this use of 'ka' so I dont know how I should tranlate.. :blush but if it is 'ga' then translation is easy... 'I cut your throat' (actually. 'kubi' is neck rather than throat but I guess that is just the way the Japanese speak???).

Anyway.. thanks for sharing those with me. I feel enlightened!!! (no seriously I do, this really helps because I dont have anywhere else to really learn those things.

Anyway, if you worry about threads getting too off topic, what I usually do is answer questions or whatever through PM (Can you see the button for that? under my little quote thingy?) Or, better still, if more than 2 people join in, just start a new thread!! But a little deviation within the topic should be okay! I mean, at least we're typing!!! :p

kk i see

sono kubi ka kiru, its from Mr.Bison in capcom vs SNK, directly translated it sound weird but what it means is something like, "i'm gonna cut your neck off"

Hey, Rock Howard has some cool sentences too:

"Genkai made, tobasuze!" ...means I´ma speed up to my limit or something like that.
Another sentence that I think comes up in alomost every fighting game is (this probably not correct) "kana da ga" can´t move anymore.

And yes, about the´s been quiet here for so long that I don´t really care :P

Kagekiyo : kk i see

sono kubi ka kiru, its from Mr.Bison in capcom vs SNK, directly translated it sound weird but what it means is something like, "i'm gonna cut your neck off"

Ah then, I think 'ka' must be incorrect in that case and it is really 'ga'. Ka tends to be sorta uncertain, like, it shows a question if it's at the end of a sentence but if it is within a sentence it translates to things like 'or something'. I mean, the speaker using 'ka' does so because they're unsure of what they're saying or requesting info. So I am almost 100% sure that it is 'ga' and not 'ka'...

It's still damn impressive that you have picked up all those just from watching anime and playing video games. I'd never have been able to do that until I started to learn Japanese. They just spoke too fast and I couldn't pick out the different sounds and stuff...

And Gattsu... you must be thinking of 'karada ga..' that is 'my body...' like 'karada ga ugokasenai!' would mean 'I can't move'. but Japanese often dont bother finishing a sentence, especially if it is pretty obvious what the rest of the sentence would be.

Anyway.. seriously, lets get back to talking about Yoshi. I mean, you guys don't mind but neither of you have Sumsamurai visiting you at the end of the week.. when she finds out we've been going off topic my karada will be 'itai' when she's finished with me.

EDIT: you guys gave me a cool idea... Not gonna tell what it is but it is Yoshi-related... You'll know when I do it though...

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lets start a SC4 discussion yay!

whats you favorite critical finish!

1- Lizardman : the drill drop!

2- Yoshimitsu: Execution (with the weird kanji that sometimes says: stinky)

3- taki: lightning clone attack!

all critical finish

astaroth, maxi, darth vader and hilde are also really nice

Edit: and omg i almost forgot algol throne drop super cool

I like that girl who sits...yes! SITS on her opponents :D
What´s her name ?
And Kilik´s finisher rocks too !!

And damn...Yoshi´s has style !!! pretty good :P

cassandra is the one that sits on them

Omg, corpse everywhere around me , i will keep on logging in everyday, but damn i wanna see people post :( i feel like the only SC fan :O

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DYK that yoshimitsu has the most SC4 finishers!!! Pretty cool huh? usually the kanji that appears change depending on the, uhhh, I dont know... I dunno how the kanji symbols change!!! I wanna know how, but Ive seen 7 already, coz, I found out that, he does have different finishers! these are the:

1.Blue kanji
2.purple souls like ghosts coming out of the opponent after slashing
3.heart symbol and pink kanji
4.lightning strike with purple kanji kanji with firecrackers in the music and purple kanji with a screaming sound
7.yellow kanji and gas(looks like fart)

anyway, yoshimitsu is somewhat like a combi of a joker and a wise man in SC4, his words are meaningful and he uses Old english in his saying... While when fighting, he is somewhat funny... (my opinion) :D

ahehe, go yoshi!! :yes

I love SC4 but it doesn't hold a candle to Tekken for me..but it's my #2 fighter for sure. I was reading that Evo this year in Vegas is gonna have SC4, I'm considering going...I know I would get smoked but it would be fun to try, and cool to see the real pro's in action. Also, what do you guys think of the Star Wars characters being in the game? I thought it was cool at first, but after a while I just found them irritating. Don't get me wrong I love Star Wars, but they should have their own fighting game. It will be cool to see how they translate Soul Caliber to the PSP. I hear the Jedi's won't be available, I wonder what else will change.

No Jedis ?! F*** !
Galen Marek is by far the most kickass/badass character since Darth Maul -.-"

I loved Darth Maul!! I was so pissed they killed him like immediately. I am also a huge Ray Park fan! He's cast in the new King of Fighters movie. That dude has some major skills. Soul Caliber is a game that's just fun for me to play, I'm not even close to as good at SC as I am at Tekken. But I plan to purchase them both for psp.

whos ray park? :D anyway, nvm my question...

SC4 is like more of a strategy fighting game unlike Tekken, althogh tekken uses some strategy too, i think this needs serious strategy since the guard almost blocks every attack (except guard break and unblockables)

ANWYAY, I didnt know that there would be SC in the PSP... whats the title of the game? :D

star wars fighting game... hmmmmm...

It's called Sould Caliber: Broken Destiny

Ray Park is the guy who played Darth Maul, he´ll also play Snake Eyes in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie...Yeah, he´s really good, though no match for Scott Adkins or Michael Jai White. In fact, I can´t think of anyone who could be better than those two...

Soul Calibur more strategy than Tekken? Hmmm, hard to tell. I´ve only played SCIII so far but I have to say button smashing works far better than in Tekken.

But what has always been annoying is that silly ring out system. Since hitting characters that lie on the floor in SC is really easy u can be thrown of cliffs or edges whatever far too simply -.-
Even bosses...:no

I have to agree with Gattsu on this. At least for me, Soul Caliber has always been the fighter I play with my button masher friends. It's more fun for noobs since they don't really have to know any moves and they can still win. Don't get me wrong they both rock, but if I was leaving for a deserted island and could only pick one....well I think you all know where I'm going with this.