Very, VERY annoyed >:(

My university has many gaming tournaments that go on, but I'm not much of a gamer (although Tekken has begun to consume a lot of my spare time :P) so I never go. Not only this, but the gaming 'community' at my university is a rather... err... lame one, in the sense it's full of socially retarded gits who smell bad.

However, there is one tournament which is being held soon which caught my attention... Tekken 5! I was very excited, because other than with online games in Tekken 5:DR, I only play various mates who are a bit too easy for me to beat (no offence to them, of course).

But something crushed my enthusiasm. It turns out the fat (I mean, -really- fat), grotesque (I mean, -really- grotesque), smelly (I mean -really- smelly), loser (I mean, -really- a loser) bastard who is somehow the head of the gaming tournaments (think he came up with the 'idea' to have them) is not allowing Yoshimitsu to be used.

His reasons? Apparently Yoshimitsu is a cheating character. Because he can heal himself.

Does he not realise that there must be a damned good reason why Yoshimitsu is one of four characters who have remained in the game throughout the series? Does he not realise that the makers of the game actively attempt to balance characters so that there are no 'cheating' ones? Does he not realise that good players will not give Yoshimitsu the chance to heal? Does he not realise that Yoshimitsu is in fact a well respected character in professional tournaments?

I feel like going and picking the character out of spite, and if he argues, I'll argue straight back. Make him look like a right fool.

I'd make sure if I got my way I'd kick his ass good. Bet he picks some button bashing character like Christie... ;)

wait a sec? yoshi cheats? Tell him that Yoshi is a mid tier at best, and he isn't the only one that can heal. (Lei can do it as well) There are way too many characters I can pick from the DR list that have advantages over him, and I hope u can get ur message across to him so he will know how foolish he sounds.

good luck. :wink

I wanna kick his a*s.
Yoshi hardly has time to heal anyways....Only noobs would say that Yoshi is a Cheat character.

Yea the guy who runs it probably got beaten by Yoshimitsu one too many times so now he's got sand in his vagina. He's wanting to ban Xiaoyu as well because she's "too evasive".

The guy's an arse, really, but I hiiiiighly doubt he's gonna stick up to a guy 4 inches taller than him wearing a spiked leather jacket with long hair and hobo gloves... I'm guessing I'll get my way, even if I have to intimidate. And it infuriates me enough that I might just do that anyway xD

Should I feel that I'm sad because something about Tekken has been the only thing I've been incredibly annoyed about in years? :P

Too bad you live in the area where such people rule the Tekken community... but maybe there are better places to play and train? From my experience, I used to travel over 400 km for freeplays with Tekken masters in the times the Tekken community in my city was very weak... but the question is: do you really need to get better that much?

Because I had a very high goal: to become the best Yoshimitsu in my country, and one of the best in Europe. And gosh I made it! :D

You're from the Great Britain, there's a very strong and experienced Tekken community, mainly in London. Jump to forums, find European Match Finder and check if there are Tekken mates from your neighbourhood... I'm sure you'll find them :)

Hmm, cheers for the info! And yea, getting better is an aim of mine - I play online a lot, plus I want to join tournaments and see how I do :p I'll check to see if there's a Tekken community near me. Thanks!

Wow, that guy's ignorance pisses me off. I can't stand control freaks like that especially when they have no clue what they're talking about. Everyone is pretty even in Tekken 5 (except I've heard Lei is a bit worse off). The playing field was much less even in Tekken 4 where Jin dominated.

just goes to show you not everyone can be fair minded when it comes to gaming. i personally don't like law because his backflips are repeatable and make him hard at times (in the hands of a skilled player) but never would i ban a character from being played even if i don't like them. mostly because in beating a player using a character i dislike it acts to empower oneself.. and even if you lose it should just make you want to try harder... all in all he should be ashamed of himself. lol