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Kogamitsu : The ever-wonderful kabuki-stance came with T5, as well as more phrases and similar movements - and I don't mean the fighting movements.
If you mean the one where he hops around on one foot, he had that since Tekken 1!

No-no-no-no-no - I was talking about the videos in between fights (Yoshi vs. Raven, Yoshi vs. Bryan & Bryan vs. Yoshi).

Oh, I see.

Well the improvements in the game engine and the graphics have enabled Namco to give their characters more depth, both in looks and personality.

You mentioned, and I quote:
"Maybe - just maybe - Namco thickens the plot; the two Yoshis resemble each other more and more, game after game."

I think in earlier Tekken games the wise "Manji Clan Chief" side of Yoshi couldn't be shown very well, but with technological improvements it seems that both the Tekken and Soul Calibur Yoshi were always meant to be quite similar, in the sense that they are both confident and fearless in battle, while still cautious of their opponent's strength. Just look at the way Yoshi weighs up his rivals' strength in both games (Bryan and Voldo) during the cutscenes.

Anyway, that's just my opinion on how both Yoshis have become suddenly similar.

My idea is: they just want these Yoshis to be similar because it will encourage Tekken players to try Soul Calibur and vice versa. Just like it encouraged me. I'll most likely seriously learn to play SC3 Yoshi.

P.S. Shiki soku ze kuu is with Yoshi since Tekken 3.

So much for my theory...

Anyway, looking forward to Soul Calibur III. The pics look quite promising (but don't they always?)

I am in agreement with Bigchief's theorem.

also; Congrats on the new avatar bigchief! Looks cool.

Manji clan member : I am in agreement with Bigchief's theorem.

also; Congrats on the new avatar bigchief! Looks cool.
Thanks. :)
Simple crop and paste job, but I think it looks ok.

- the costumes of all characters. Presonally, I love Taki costumes, and Seung Mina's!

News about Yoshimitsu!
I have played him in SC3 game for two days. Here's what I noticed:

- No longer WS+K is juggling knee. Now it's WS kick. Samurai knee can be done by d/f,d/f+K
- d/b+AAA seems to have disadvantage on block.
- Yoshi has f+1+2, it can be done: 8WR u/b or d/b+B. So, no longer 8WR u/b or d/b+B,A series :/
- new looks of low sweeping slice: 8WR u/b or d/b+A
- new move f,f+B,B, very good one! Similar to Mitsurugi's.
- Yoshi has Dragonfly u+B+K and full stance transitions.
Flea->DGF: B+K -> u+B+K
DGF -> Flea: u+B+K -> B+K
Indian Sit -> DGF: d+B+K -> u+B+K
DGF -> Indian Sit: u+B+K -> d+B+K
and of course the old stance transitions.
- Yoshi can move in DGF to all directions, and even move faster that in TK! b+A+B or f+A+B is the special move in which Yoshi accelerates his speed by spinning the flag on his back O_O
- DGF moves: A is mid, spinning flag blow, nice range. B is vertical slash. K is low kick like in Tekken.
- Yoshi has Super Dragonfly!!! while in DGF, u+B+K. Inflicts some damage to Yoshi. But Yoshi can't be reached by anybody. Well, Can't remember all moves, but:
- K from Super DGF is a great looking somersault, after which Yoshi lands on the ground. If you don't press K at the right moment for the second time, Yoshi will lose balance and fall. (Justframe)
- A+K is... suicide from super DGF. O_O I suppose it can be used in air combos?? o_O
- B is Kunimitsu-like unblockable.
- A is spinning Flag hit, great looking!
- You can do a suicide while in Indian Sit. A+K... HMM :) It hits the opponent if he's on the other side.
- Suicide moves cause double K.O. It kinda sucks.
- Yoshi's Headbutt from Pogo now always hits mid.
- Yoshi has a move similar to TK Pogo charge!!!! That's unfair. It hits low. Can be done by A+B. So, if you jump onto somebody and press A+B, it's a double-hit combo for about 60 damage. It also hits grounded opponents rolling on the ground.
- Yoshi has new move: 8WR u or d+B. Looks like an uppercut but doesn't juggle.
- Yoshi has true Bad Breath. :) A+B. Stuns also on block.
- Yoshi has awesome taunt, K+G. GREAT.
- Iron fist possession is still there.
- All hits of Door Knocker on CH are a combo!
- This is true combo: CH b,b+B,A, f+B+K,B,B,B, d+1+2. O_O!!
- U+A+K is another way to enter Super Dragonfly. Looks great! Spinning chaos :)
- b+B has different animation.
- no longer u+A+B somersault slash.
- f+B has different animation
- I didn't have time to test justframes.

More to come soon, Maybe Di will write more.
P.S. Zasalamel seems to be really powerful.

Here's what I've managed to find so far about new Yoshi:
Sorry it's only a link, but I want to write everything in one place :)

Has anyone else played the Soul Calibur III demo? I really like everything so far. Character creation mode is so fun, I can't wait to experience the whole thing. I created a very authentic Kunimitsu in the demo alone! I will have to take a picture of it.

Hey Di, just a few quick questions...
Is there a mode where you can get different weapons for the regular characters?
Are there "Extra" modes like in SC2 as well?

Yes, all in, but listed in other way, cause there are: Single Player Modes, VS Mode (both containing a few other modes), Shop (weapons, armors and items) and Options.

Thanks mate:)

Orite guys, we finally got Yoshi pics, and about 90 more!

Click for the full list of: 97 Leaked Images!
Tenshi, you might wanna put up the Yoshi pics in the gallery for all to see.

My opinion, he looks fantastic! Much better than the purple costume at least. :D