soul calibur 3

What's...THIS?! They really don't know what to do with his mask. Looks like a Phoenix bird or something. Anyway, it seems that Yoshi is a human being inside, look: his lips are visible. :D Yai!

EDIT.... The second costume SUCKS like HELL!!!! >_<

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What!? I actually kinda like the second costume.

You have no taste Tenshi. :p

Probably :)

Here you can find some interesting information.

Tenshi hit on why i like Yoshi in SC better than Tekken. MOVEMENT! Yoshi is swift with 66b,b+k series with or without shark attack, trooper roll, cartwheels and all these options out of 8wayrun. In Tekken Yoshi seems kinda slow although backflip is back. Yoshi in SC seems more quick, deceptive like a ninja. Just my opinion though, I like Tekken alot, just like SC a little better.

Be aware of this brain-sucking top-tier! Yoshimitsu in SC3! ^^

Sorry, but I just had to write it :) I looooooooove the new Yoshi-alien :love

Now only waiting for the game and the frame data to start writting a FAQ ^^

Yoshimitsu the Sun-God.. Hehe- The 1P costume looks very exotic! It has this mysterious Aztec feel to it. Bit of a combination between a angry sun and a evil flower. ^_^
As for the 2nd costume... Yoshi clearly is ahead of his time 8)

I wonder why Yoshi wears a halo behind his head? Has he become Catholic? Something related to his story? Something a geeky Japanese guy found funny? :dozingoff

LOL, indeed! I didn't notice that! Hmm, the helmet is more "western" than Japanese... Anyway, Yoshimitsu has always been up to date (judging from his second cossie, even upper to date :D)... He reminds me also not only the "bandit", but a "pirate"... he travelled a huge piece of world with the Manji Clan.

One is also intriguing: Have you seen the arts from Tekken 4 story mode and Soul Calibur endings? Manji Clan members seem to be the very same people!!! WTF?!

Yes, I remember discussing this with you a looong while ago, Tenshi. :) The same big guy (he reminds me of The Thing from 'The Fantastic 4') and the old man wearing a hat..
Maybe it was done for fun; something only a very observing person or Yoshi-fan would notice? :O_o

Yay! Revival is sweet. Keep it comin'.

Namco maybe did not want to change the Manji Clan members or they just did not care or they are tying to show the simlarities between Tekken and SC. But from what I heard, SCIII is a very good game althoguh some do not like the fact that you can design your own character. If you do not like it, do not do it, simple as that. But all in all I think it will be a very great game even though it is only for the Ps2.

Soul Archive has been updated with three secret characters... NO YOSHIMITSU?!! :((
Dammit man, been waiting too long for this! :((

Premiere is now one month later as I expected. But don't worry, Yoshi is for 100% in the game (if someone still thinks those screens from gamereactor are not true)- I know it from a person who played beta :)

No, I know he's in. I'm just dying to know more about him, and see a few decent pics or something. But yeh, I can wait one month more. :)

hey, there are some sc3 Yoshi pics in our gallery :)