soul calibur 3

Member Raph's ending? He stole the soul edge and did some slaughtering.:wink

That was my theory as well, until the official story was released. Turns out Nightmare defeated Raphael, then Siegfried broke free of Nightmare and took both swords (Soul Edge and Soul Calibur) to rid the world of them. Still waiting for Raph's story, (might just be insomnia causing the blood-shot eyes.) :satisfied

Waiting for Raphael's story? Waiting for Yoshi!
The three 360 degree stages on display look very nice. And I'm wondering how many combinations are possible with the Character Creation mode.


I just looked at the characters on Soularchive and I found out that... oh, god, I just can't say it, it's just too horrible!!!!! I need juice! *Slurp* Okay... I found out that... Yoshimitsu isn't on Soulcalibur 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, god!!!!! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!
:( :no :cry

He is in it, wait for updates...

Yeah, he's one of the 'minor' characters, so it will take some time before his profile is added. :(

EDIT: yes, Dino :P

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You mean minor? Well, I agree... but then, he's one of the major Tekken characters though...

The site is very nice, some updates. They now have longer/new stories on mitsurigi, taki, ivy, voldo, astaroth, and raph. Bigchief, you're right! Tira is DAMN hot! lol :love. Zasalamel is pretty cool, too(he's got nothing on yoshi, though, IMO) but Setsuka looks like a ho,lol.

EDIT: I'm glad they split Siegfried and Nightmare up. I was starting to miss my 2nd fave SoulCal character!

Hehe- I've seen the creators of SC3 using the Character Creation Mode to create Nina, Ling and Anna. So with some creativity, you can add several Tekken characters to SoulCalibur 3 ^_^

I am very curious about the Character Creation mode. (Kiri, I saw that Kimagure watcher, I wonder what other Tekken characters are possible?)

Please keep the thread alive! SOUL CALIBUR III! SOUL CALIBUR III! (continues chanting)

Okay, eeerrr...
Maxi looks pretty cool, don't you think?

Oh, his profile was updated? Ah, I see! Reminds me of Elvis, somehow :dontgetit
Yung sun looks great, by the way! No more the Mr. NiceGuy-look he had in SC2 :)

By the way, Namco opened a new website:

Yay! SCIII makes triumphant return.

Indeed it does make a triumphant return!:D
Go here for the latest pics, including Hwang, Li Long, Sophitia, Rock, Amy, Arthur (Mitsu's palette swap) some new characters and the new boss Abyss (Zasalamel's transformation or something). Heaps of new costumes and stages as well. Also, Yoshi has a brand new costume, but I'd rather not comment on it! :con

So apperently, Nightmare has changed while Siegfried remains the same; Kilik has changed while Mi-na remains the same; Rock now has a mace; Lizardman has an axe. Too good!