soul calibur 3

i was on an other site looking for pics and i when into they forum one topics was a female voldo i thought he was a little fruit but a girl voldo character im a little interested

i also wonder what some of the other charatcters would look like and if any new characters. i want to see what yoshi would look like next

Was this "female Voldo" equipped with a gigantic circular blade and wearing green clothes? It could've been Tira, a new character. Do you have a link to this forum thread?

PS: We're all patiently waiting for Yoshi's appearance. I hope he looks more badass this time, purple just didn't do it for me.

Tira is supposed to be a very evil person, right? She doesn't look that evil to me :D
Anyway, I hope Yoshi goes back to his more demonic looks. ^^

Tira's offical story from
"Tira was an assasin raised by an underground organization. She was a bird trapped in a cage, stripped of the freedom to choose her own future. Even in her earliest childhood memories, she had already grown accustomed to taking the lives of others. She felt no sorrow, no guilt, nothing. The act of killing had become a regular routine in her life--so much so that she needed to kill on a regular basis for the stimulation it provided."
Yup, very evil! And IMO she's damn hot too! :D

This isn't the full story though, because on that same site is Setsuka's story which isn't complete either. I remember reading something that linked her to Mitsurugi, something about avenging her master's killer, a samurai named Mitsurugi.

Also: Demon Yoshimitsu pwns!

Soul Calibur 3's official site:

Looks good, but I'm still waiting for updates. Reminds me of Tekken-Official, lol.

about the link i have to find it again i was searching around on yahoo and just clicked on it im searching right now

P.S. i think yoshi hould look more demonic as well he look like a fruit on sc2 them should make him look as evil lookn as them do in tekken not so bug liken just give him the evil manji samurai who will kick ur ass and they should give him a better more psychodic voice him sonded a little to happy

this is fukd:(( up. sc3 is for ps2 only. they said in gi that they dont want to jump between concules. i think they should have done it the way they did sc2. having the A,B,K,G buttons. i hope they still make it for xbox.

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You suck Jon i wanted to give the bad news! well yea they made it only for the PS2, that sucks. they feel that if they don't have their attention divided on multi console cofiguring that they can somehow make the game better. yet they are losing alot of loyal customers who pay good money for just such a game by not making it for the other two consoles. I own an Xbox and not being able bo play the game Not finished

Just to add to the bad news, there will be no guest characters. I don't mind the PS2 exclusive release, but an Arcade release would've been good. How odd that Namco skipped the Arcade scene and announced the game in such a hurry, even before the upcoming E3. Perhaps we'll be in for a surprise of some sort, can't wait!

They need to put yoshi's tekken moves on Soul Calibur 3 and have a move where you can change from defalt (katana) to strikes, kicks, rolls and grappling!

You mean more stances? This would totally change the feeling of Yoshi...

Yes even though he isnt the same as on tekken changing him at this point would have more disadvantages than advantages. Namco did a good job incorperating him into Soul Cal. that he doesn't need any changes ( exept maybe his costumes they wheren't the best) .

I don't know... For example, I think in Tekken he should have more mobility. Look, even Bryan got a sway, even crouch dash forward! And Yoshi? Sits in place. :P He would need a stealthy, high-ommiting special movement forward. Imagine Yoshi play with such a thing like Soul Calibur b,b+K+B~G!!! With a roll forward that can be cancelled... It would be SOOO Good! By now he has such a move only from Flea... and it...

EDIT! It dodges high moves... but in a middle of execution. Flea is just kinda slow stance and Yoshi gets hit out of it frequently.

Only this little movement namco!!! b,b+1+4 would be a nice command. :)

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