New here - just appreciating the community

Just going to write a pre-meditated thanks to all here. I'm new to this site, and a reborn Yshimitsu player. I hadn't played Tekken since the third release when I was only 8 years old. About 2 months ago, my flatmate got Tekken 5 online for his PS3 and I was hooked the second I saw Yoshimitsu and remembered the complete, utter obsession I had with this series.

It took me a while, but eventually I learned every move I used to know, as well as the new additions to his arsenal. I might have lost quite a lot online, but then, they've clearly had more experience than me... either way, I'm gradually getting better and better, mainly thanks to the tips on this site - I never thought there would actually be a site dedicated to this character! Most of my friends always wondered why the hell I picked Yoshimitsu, because of his apparently 'useless moves'. But once they saw me play with him, they quickly changed their perspective ;)

I think a lot of people - or at least inexperienced players - have the misnconception of Yoshimitsu being a 'joke' character. Most people I have ever played locally are merely button bashers, and I guess that's why I like Yoshimitsu more. He doesn't have many (if any) button bashing moves. It's all about timing, technique, order and reactions, and despite him having some good juggling moves, you can still win the game by merely coaxing your enemy into doing -exactly- what you want, knocking them down or messing with their minds with 1 or 2 moves, and nothing more. Plus, from what I have seen, every player has their own, unique style of fighting with him. He's just such an interesting character to use.

But anyway, I haven't had much time to look around properly on the forums, but I can easily tell already that I will enjoy my stay here. Just wanted to say hi and thanks to those who made this site possible - you've improved my game by a hellish (for my opponents, anyway) amount. Cheers!

Welcome talonwolf:D
Hope you enjoy your stay:wink

Welcome to YOT.:D

Despite what your friends said about yoshi, I'm glad you kept playing him.:) Also what really makes me happy is that you showed your them Yoshi is NOT a weak character, but just needs to be mastered.8)

Hello and welcome! ^^

Well, many of my friends too throught Yoshi is one of the weakest Tekken characters, but he is THE BEST! xD