Koga, you'll be proud of me. :D I saw "The Mist" in the cinema. Yeah, that newest horror movie based on Stephen King's novel. Although I would feel much more comfortable with your Teddy bear ( :P ), I liked the movie very much!

It's... fantastic in some way. It's not about special effects or monsters that lurks in the mist... it's about demons that resides in human beings. The psychology of the characters is outstanding. You'll find yourself asking questions about human beings and their fragile spirit. As one man said in the movie: "It's enough to scare the hell out of anyone and all rules dissappear".

And the ending... fabulous. The whole movie would be decent if not the ending. I won't write spoilers, sorry. You have to see it.


I couldn't stand some blood-and-gore scenes of monsters attacks... really. As a biologist, I hate the shredding, poisonous attacks that "will surely take a loooong time to heal, if the man survives, that is..."

Ehhehe, I had hard time picturing you watching a horror movie voluntarily. :) I still remember your reaction when Sadako crawled out of the TV... well, enough about that :D Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of true horror movies.

I've gotta keep an eye out for this movie, then. I just saw Stephen King's 1408, about this evil hotel room. Sounds cheesy, but it was awesome, just like almost any SK movie. Especially when they didn't bother to tell what the heck was wrong with the room. It was just simply evil.

Ooo... if you can't stand monster attacks, avoid Dark Floors. Though it had full professionals working on it; no excess gore nor the notorious splatter. Its ace in the hole was the claustrophobic environment and mysterious, rule-breaking attmosphere.

I'll edit in my own review after I get to see this masterpiece of The Mist. 8)

Fastlegs of Fury:
Can't wait for this movie to come out, have to see this one!
What can I say... I wish you enjoy the movie! :>

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Err ok bit too much horror, but I like this stuff aswell. Too bad some of my friends are a bit weak when it comes to this stuff.

Even Jack the Ripper movie would send them home, holding their teddies like 4 year old kids (Wimps) :D

Can't wait for this movie to come out, have to see this one!

What can I say... I wish you enjoy the movie! :>

I want to know the horror rating out of 1-10. :con

Is it more disturbing than Ringu?

Maybe this film is un-suitable for me, because when I see someone get hurt I have a phantom imagination of its pain. I'm squeamish...

Well, it's different than the Ringu. You'll see lots of "painful" scenes out there. They're shown very clearly, nothing like sudden death in Ringu.

This movie is very disturbing, but in the other way :)

Rating: 8/10

Some of my friend's saw it but the only horror I can take is (Resident Evil)