excuse me but what is sword sweep? there isn't in the command list.. is it samurai cutter D/F1? this okizeme is very good but i have a problem with my english language infact i don't understand many post...however i m learning many strategy by this site...thanks for all

Yes, Sword Sweep is the Samurai Cutter. These names change many times. Sword Sweep: this is an old name, I think...

Tell me what you don't understand, maybe I can help?

for ex.:3+4~u~D/B+3 but what is this jgl? i don't understand it...and also b~f+3+4 why b before of f+3+4? and is there a means after f+3+4 with wich yoshi is more fast to lift up?

I'm actually not sure what you mean by all.
- But i do know the answer to your b~f+3+4 question. I'll explain;

By the time you get good at moving around on the map, using stair-stepping (b,b,d,b.. etc.) and other techniques, you often come across times where you have to input something first before executing the actual command.

- You wanna lure your opponent into a b+1+2, and hence backdash a few times to lure him towards you.
- Now the time comes to use b+1+2, and your latest command was "b".
- Since b,b+1+2 gives another move than b+1+2, you then press f~b+1+2, so that the game doesn't think the last "b" was part of b+1+2.
- After pressing f~b+1+2 yoshi now makes the actual move you had in mind instead of b,b+1+2.

So sometimes, you have to press the opposite direction in order to make the actual move you wanted to (u~d_f~b etc.).

I hope this helps.


Thank for all...


No problem :)

I am Glad That I met you ALL

Thank you ^^ And I hope you'll stay with us a long time :)

This topic has been silent for too long, so i'm popping a question now.

Okizeme - one of my favorite aspects of Tekken - and it often requires good reflexes, even sometimes it's pure intuition. Such is my experience.

A typical count of wake-up prevents from me is typically two - sometimes three. And i really wanna improove.

- Any ideas?

Furthermore - i'd say that oki with Yoshi - such as luring your opponent into a trap, hurting him for a good 50-60 damage from a launcher, or keeping your okizeme options at a max is a must! I hardly ever use any juggle enders, and i like to experiment with new okizeme tricks.
Halve the guaranteed damage from a juggle to take a risk with okizeme is what i perfeer.

Now - i'd like to hear from you how you build up your okizeme. How you get a good, solid okizeme going. Not only with Yoshimitsu - but with all characters!

So - flame away, guys n' gals!

can someone please tell me what an okizemi is? Im sorry to be such a noob, but the lingo you use here is just so confusing.

strategies when your opponent is on the ground

Hasu : strategies when your opponent is on the ground
Exacto - Okizeme means to keep your opponent grounded etc.

Whta a funny. I had no idea what it meant till now, thanks!

I don't have any solid oki tactics as of today, but I usually do a d+1, dash forward then d/b+3,3...,4 on grounded opps. Sometimes if my u+3+4 connects, I'll follow up with u/f+3+4, then a FLE, then f+3+4, roll forward then 3, then d+1. I also sometimes use DGF+3 or FC,d/f+3 or FC,d/f+1 to keep them grounded. Then on rolling opps I sometimes use f,f+4 or d/f+3 (sometimes d/f+3 yields the opp on standing position).

Haha. I am never EVER EVER going to be able to understand and use these tactics.