Your favourite TTT team

Sorry if it was already posted. What are your fovourite Tekken Tag Tournament teams?

1. Kunimitsu or Yoshimitsu & Bryan
2. Hwoarang & Bryan
3. Nina & Roger/Alex
And I like to play Yoshi&Kuni and Kaz&Lee(or Hwoarang) too.

Characters who's animations interact yoshi's.

Yoshimitsu and...

xiaoyu. He's happy! Sweet!
Heihachi. yoshi's minds at peace as they meditate.
Bryan. Disturbing! yoshi is very upset.
Kunimitsu. No animation but I think because they're very serious when together.

That's all I can remember, but I haven't played tag for ages.

I have serious lag on ps3 when I try to play tag. Does anyone else get this?

I won the local (very, very small) title of Queen of Iron Fist with my favourite TTT team: Yoshimitsu and Bryan. Sometimes I replace Bryan with Kunimitsu, too. I like toying around with her moves. I was a bit disappointed when there was no special animation for Yoshi and Kuni. No, to be honest, I was very disappointed. :)

Also, another much-used team on my memory card is Yoshi/Bryan and Hwoarang. This due to me and my friend's obsessed co-operation playing.

The good team I played last time was Nina&Baek. Characters was from random mode and I can't really play them, but they was good together ^^ Other good I remember was Bryan&King(or Armor King) and Yoshi&Hwoarang(Yeah 'cuz these two are probably the best ones I can play)

My totally worst is probably Eddy & Xiaoyu. I totally suck with them

Animations wise, I love using Hei/Jin & Kazuya because of the awesome stare off between them. I also love Hwoarang & Jin, Hwoarang lecturing to Jin but Jin isn't really listening/doesn't really care lol

Fighting wise, I love using Devil & Jun/Unknown, Kaz & Devil (Transformation > Normal Tag) and Jun & Jin

Will put up others as I remember them


just the char's i used alot

yoshimitsu/kunimitsu(my favorite team)

Yoshi/Kuni...almost always. Sometimes I substitute Paul or Hwoarang for Kuni, though.


Yoshimitsu and Gun Jack. My friend plays Gun Jack so this is usually the team.

me nd my pal.... we used to go Yoshi(me) nd King(pal)

Yoshimitsu and Ling Xiaoyu are so cute! I love their animations.

Yoshi and Heihachi also have a special team opening pose...oddly enough., I should pull out my PS2 and give the game a play or two for old times' sake.


Man, its awesome to see that some of us still play Tag!!

Yoshimitsu and Jin are my first choice. Other secondary Teammates include Heihachi, Kazuya and Paul.

Jin is phenominal with keeping opponents out of that "Mid-Range" window and Yoshimitsu is just awesome. Heihachi and Paul are awesome Scrub-snuffers. Its nice to take a solid 48+ points of damage off of a clean hit/counter. w00t!!


I would have to say the Yoshi/Kuni team was my all time favorite, then maybe King/Hwoarang

I wanna see Kunimitsu with Yoshimitsu ... very fit to each other ... xD

Added 56 seconds later:

OR... Yoshimitsu and Bryan .. or bether not... hehe