Tekken6 Yoshimitsu Combo

Tekken6 Yoshimitsu Combo


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See your page (edit) to know what you did wrong, OK? (The number in youtube tag is the number of the page)

Awesome video, thanks!

ok nice video,

thanks chaandztekken

Awesome video chaandztekken. Yoshi's raving!:p

The yoshi in the win animation at the end looks almost like t1 yoshi,

I saved a thumbnail of this yoshi ages ago before all this tk6 talk, his hair was longer though, I think maybe it's a prototype pic of this costume.

Does this mean you can not only just customize, but can also select whole made costumes? Does anyone know?:dozingoff

EDIT: WOW look at his ears! Purple tekken2 tassels! I see horns so he's wearing a hannya with decoration from tekken 2 mask.

Yoshi has accessories from his old costumes, only that Namco has designed them look even more scary.

Stressed yoshi!:(

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nice video thanks man:)