Tekken 6 really let me down regarding Kunimitsu

About Yoshimitsu`s Age...(Sorry that this is off-topic)
I found Yoshimitsu`s age at Wikipedia not so long ago..
It says that Yoshimitsu was 65 Years old in Tekken 2.
And currently(Tekken 6) is 90 Years old.

But its kinda strange...Tekken 2 to Tekken 6 took 25 years...

Indeed that is strange. How can someone claim to know his age if there has never been official information of his age?

Ooops, correction, checked wikipedia: "He was 65 years old in Tekken 2 from some Japanese Tekken 2 guidebook". Though Wikipedia refers to this as "citation needed". I agree: proof, or it didn't happen. :D

Nah, I doubt he was that old in Tekken 2. And even if he was, it wouldn't count anymore due to his extensive mechanisation. Lots of details have been changed since the first two Tekkens, anyway.

Pardon the off-topic.

Who believes in Namco stories as they cannot even decide how's Kazuya's scar situated, or which Yoshi's hand is mechanized? :D (in earlier Tekkens it changed many times in artworks and ending movies. Just see Tekken 2 Yoshi's ending :) )

Sakujo... I can scan you this fanfic... but 1.) it'll be a lot of money O_O 2.) The notebook is old-styled chinese one, so I'm quite worried that it might get damaged in the process... I'll think about the solution.

And... it's a kind of cruel and brutal fan fic... >_> ... I'm ashamed!

Yeah maybe new topic about Yoshi's age? xD

So You don't have it in comp?
Nah... I like brutal stories xD

Raven's a ninja wannabe...Kunimitsu really never got a chance to develop enough, and that's one of the crimes for which I hope Namco answers someday, when we fighting gamers take over the world (ZA WARUDO!!! WREEEE!)

Anyway....no mature female characters? Anna and Nina must be pushing 30 by now, and if you adjusted for the years in cryosleep, they'd be pushing 45 like Paul.

Then again, Namco seems to have a habit of having all the girls in their games be young...the oldest woman in Soul Calibur is Ivy, who's only 32.


I don't really care much if Kunimitsu gets back, Most of her moves are just like yoshimitsu except that yoshimitsu's moves are stronger and more complete.

You obviously never really played Kuni in TTT...she had a very distinct movelist there...and it could be fleshed out even more, made more "complete," if they brought her back. But of course, Namco can't satisfy their fans...that would be illogical.


if kunimitsu would be back, i want more moves for her... also an improvement for her costume (everyone likes a classic costume improved, right?) just that...

thanks! :D