Your desktop!

Sorry if this topic already posted. Now show us your desktop^^

This is mine:

I don't have a lot of icons. Just these do downloaders and graphic programs I use^^

And my previous wp was My Chemical Romance official wallpaper of The Black Parade I took from their official site. Now this is Yoshi wp I made ^^

Nice one :)

I don't have a desktop wallpaper yet. It slows down the system (long time since I made a disc format...) But I intend to make Playstation 3 themes very soon. :)

BTW, go to Old YOT -> Forest master for interesting Forest and Yoshi wallpapers.

Nice ones, but long time I haven't got my own wors as wallpapers ^^

Wow. Thats good.

I'll spare you all the dysfunctional mass of my icons, so I'll just link you to the pic i'm using via thumbnail...

NAMCO ヘルズ ゲート (hells gate) stage backgound.

Yoshimitsu artwork by me.

1174-rikisen funtou yosh.jpg

Yeah Samurai i like! I have tried finding some of the Tekken 4 prologue Yoshimitsu art but have had no luck. My desktop is actually from Wip3out, but i'm a noob to forums and don't know how to attach it to my text.:blush

SumSamurai > I can't see T_T

Manji Ninja > T4 prologue? I maked the wallpaper with Yoshi on horse(thets the I posted) thats in my gallery here.

Now my new desktop:
Thats my fav band - Maximum The Hormone

I had desktop with Predator, but I licked my screen too many times xDDD

My wallpapers is only a Yoshimitsu from TEKKEN 6 and only 8 icons...