Path of Endurance

Over 1-year-old story nears its end. Its most dramatical twists of story are already behind, one could even say "And the rest, as they say, is Tekken." Just a few more chapters to go, and the first part of the saga is finished. Oh, I'm so proud of myself :p

I would think now is the proper time to ask my readers, if there are any, to comment and criticize my writing, to ask if something seems puzzling.

The story will finish to the end of Tekken 5. I don't include Tekken 6 in this saga, due to my utter disappointment with its storyline and due to the fact that its occurences don't really fit into my little world of imagination.

I'd like to thank those who have already spent time to comment the chapters in the Fan Fiction section, and those who have actually given the chapters hundreds of hits. I salute you :)

Yours cruelly,
- Kogamitsu

Acturlly I think I must thank you Koga,

I would remember when I was new to this site about a year ago, I would be borad out of my skin at college because we had to wait for the others to do their work, so I would try to get rid of my boredoom by reading and I could not think of something that I wanted to read except for Path of Endurance, usilly I would never finish a book, nevermind a comic, but something about your fan fiction just wanted me to keep on reading and reading ( in between prank fire drills and class of course).

So thanks for a great fan fiction Kogamitsu and I can't wait for the last chapters!

Edit: By the way how could a euro dance song be on a hip hop/rap radio show:con

Oh, and I thought you'll include the transformation of Bryan (into a cyborg)... I also was curious about their rivalvry in your vision. What are Bryan's excuses, for example? Or maybe he doesn't need any? (being a sociopathic, mean guy?) I'm thinking now about Tekken 5 story and Bryan's assault after him being rescued by Yoshi.

Too bad... but I still have high hopes :)

Don't despair, Boss, he's only just died :D He's not a cyborg yet, he hasn't entered T3 yet...

Like I said, there are a few more chapters to come. I will include his transformation and the rivalries, both Yoshi and Wulong ones... and the reason why - in my story - Bryan assaulted the Manji Clan ninjas.

I'mma keep a small break though, I'm heading to Newcastle next Sunday for xmas and from there to Wales for a few days, only after those I'll be able to continue Path of Endurance. And the Blood Ring! I already have the next page ready, I'll just make a few more before I can be arsed to scan them. :p

Stay tuned, and merry xmas folks!

Yours cruelly,
- Koga

P.S.: Yes, Boss, The Ghost is a no-brainer :D

I know this thread is a little up there, but I hope nobody minds my posting here - I've just began reading this story by Kogamitsu, and I'm pretty much hooked. I'm up to chapter four right now, and I like the writing - 'tis very good, and the characters are very well written, very interesting. I'd probably get alot more reading done if I wasn't also watching Blade Runner; it's the third time it's been on tonight on the television - I do have it on DVD, but I was so thrilled to see it coming on television - that's a bit off topic, but at the same time, it's cool since Bryan is partially inspired from Roy Batty. Anyhow, I'll keep on reading, ya. :)