ok, i knew my tekken 2 disc had some problems, but THIS?

right. i knew my tekken 2 copy was pretty scratched up. if i tried playing certain character endings (bruce irvin, roger, alex, and baek doo san) in tekken 3 theater mode the game would freeze up, the credits music won't play, and if i tried entering records on the options screen the game would freeze up.

this morning, i played tekken 2 on my ps2. i chose arcade mode and selected kazuya in his purple 3-piece suit. i had 'character change at continue' switched off, so i would play heihachi at stage 9. but then...

i faced heihachi at stage 2.

i still faced roger at stage 8, but when i got to stage 9...

i faced kazuya in his purple three-piece suit. :con

(sorry for the quality of the image. my phone's camera is pretty rubbish, but it's the only camera i had on hand!)

it was quite hard as well. it took me 5 continues to beat...myself.

when i beat him, the final part of the game was the same as usual however.

just thought i'd share this deja vu moment....

That's really weird.. I wonder If it's just your disk or you've dicovered some sort of glitch.:O_o