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What does DGF,FU/FT,FD/FT,and WS mean?

Hey there swordhounD and welcome to YOT

as for your question

DGF= Dragonfly stance
FUFT= Means when you chracter is on the ground your chracter is face up and your chracter's feet are towards your enemy's chracter.
FDFT= Means when your chracter is on the ground your chracter has his face down and your chracter's feet towards your enemy's chracter.
WS= While Standing up

Hope this helps :)

P.S: If you want more help with frame data meanings goto Manji Dojo and at the bottom of rules page is a legend to tell you what everything is in refferance to frame data.

Manji Dojo :)

:wink:)Thank you Fastlegs of Fury
Ill take your advice and read the frame data

Thanks again for the help.