Suikichi(sp?)'s site...

Hey, that sounds like good news! :D

back to topic though:
Hasn´t anybody saved Suekichi´s Yoshimitsu images on his/her computer?
Can´t we make a YOT members only gallery for them to at least be shown to us here?
I mean, I don´t think I´ve seen many of her pics yet. But I want to, since u´re making a real big thing of this, so her pics must be awesome :P
Of course we will point out it´s her work...

What about it?
Anybody got some?

I have plenty of them... I think about giving access to them for loyal Yoshi fanatics... but they will have to be well-hidden. For your eyes only. And distributing or re-using them will be strongly forbidden...

They will come online with the new version of YOT, which is gradually shaping up in the development field.

OMG!!! You ROCK Tenshi!!! What can I say!! A new shout box AND possible access to Yoshi eye-candy. That'll take some of the sting out of the fact we still have 6 months to wait for T6 (may I just remind everyone that if it weren't for xbox we'd all be playing it RIGHT NOW... Grrrrr... that still gets me annoyed. Anyway... now that I am in a great mood... I shall have a little practice on Tekken as I feel an impending humiliation is on its way... well...I should be used to that by now...

Thanks again Tenshi!!!


Oh well, no problem *^_^*.

Shoutbox should be up today's evening, I was little busy due to my job yesterday and couldn't make it.

I'm also starting some Tekken practice. I've also heard that Tekken 6 is in one Polish city, I think I'll pay there a visit and have a little Tekken 6 experience. :)