Tekken 6: Why Are They Wearing the Same Outfits??

Yeah, topic says it all. Is Namco really this lazy that they can't come up with new original costumes for the returning Tekken cast (ASIDE from Yoshimitsu, which is really awesome, he looks amazing). I mean, what's the deal? Are we supposed to assume that everyone from Tekken has been wearing the same clothing for the past year? It's just dumb, it's a new game, I demand new costumes.

Of course, this isn't going to prevent me from buying the game or anything, but it is annoying...

Sorry if this has been asked already...

What's the point of making a separate thread about this?

The only character that changes costumes in every Tk game is Yoshimitsu and we should be proud of it. Of course it will probably mean some different customization items whereas all other characters have loads of old and new customizations. That's why they aren't changing costumes. You can make the character different anyway. Plus, some costumes became well-known trademark.

It's good. Namco should focus on the interactive aspect more. More attention to battle system and all should be fine.

Tenshi, I do agree with you we should be proud that Yoshi is different from the rest, but you did forget one charcter who changes coustume every tekken as well Jack-6.

but yeah every tekken the 2p coustume changes surrly that is enougth for everyone, it is for me and there is always custorminsation mode, to make your chracter your own.

namco have to forcus on better online gameplay modes and sort out Yoshi, because ok I'm going to be a bit of a trator here, but him without his sword, he should get a total revamp of moves when he does not have a sword.:((

it is a bit stupid you know...

most characters's costumes have just changes colour (xiayou, from pink (T5) to orange (T6).)

Like I said, it doesn't bother me that much. I have only played Tekken 3 and up, but the character costumes have always changed with each new installment... so I was just curious. You can lock this topic if ya want. :blush

but I agree, it's good that they're focusing more on gameplay issues, aesthetics isn't that important to me...

Hehe, as for graphics, I think this game will be even better than the newest Virtua Fighter. So far it looks outstanding :) I remember first screens... what we see now is just... wow :)

As for the costumes: imagine you're in the game making team. You wouldn't like to work more than needed, would you? :) Hehehe... the older I am, the more lazy I become. ;)