Parody video

I don't know tahat is right place to submit it here, but I maked a funny video with Yoshimitsu. Here is it

Stupid Movie Maker cuts off Hwoarang's "GOSH!" in the end, but hope You like the video^^

Hey, it's great!!!

Do you have a file with better quality? Please send it to me through any means. I'll put it in the site if you don't mind :)

I removed it from my computer TT^TT
*hit myself* Baka Sakujo!
But tomorrow I can make another (now, with full "GOSH" xD)

love it.:yes


So. Like I said. New version:

Lot more Better.:)

Great Job, I also see you imporved the quilty some what as well.:)

thank you, you just made my day sunnyer xD laught of day!