Things that are precious to you...

I think we all have our favourite music/video clips that mean something special to us. I stumbled upon a music video I watched many years ago and that was very touching to me. Not only the movie itself is fantastic, but also the music is great.

Did you watch "Princess Mononoke" movie? :) It's a great anime that has everything what I love: brave warriors, strong bond to the nature and the story of human's so called "progress" that destroys the spirit of the wild world. And the main "bad guy" (or maybe "bad girl") of the movie isn't bad to the very end: she has her own vision and she doesn't see the faults of her way. Just like we do now... This anime is a piece of art that I strongly recommend. Even those of you who already watched it: watch it again. :D It can bring some fresh thoughts...

OK, here's the music video:

Even I have music that means something to me, but last week, my mate give me a MP3 File for my phone and after I listened to it for a while, it suddly hunted me that it relates to me being in the Tekken scene, but the song title is also the name of a well knowen drug here in the UK.

so if you reley want to listen to it, you better ask me to give it to you don't want to get in trouble now for offensive metrial, despite it is not realy.

I have it and I've watched it several times now. I think it is a great piece of art. I love the scene where the grass begins to regrow. It is so tranquil and beautiful right after that scene of violence where that God goes crazy and starts killing everything.

well I did say I had music that is precious to me and a good example of this was back in my early teenager days, back then there was only one band I turely loved and you lot can call me sad as much as you want for this, the band was Steps.

one of the best bands of the late 90's.:yes

anyway this song is one of the best songs ever they released before they broke up in 2003, the song is called "you'll be sorry" and I think the song matches the year very well because it was the year me and my Ex Boyfriend broke up and I know for a fact he is feeling very sorry now, because he has been talkin to me again as of late, well he can keep feeling sorry, bceause I hate his guts.

anyway enougth talk here is the video