Demon introduction

Decided to become active here. I want to grow my Yoshi skills and I think this is the right place to do it.
I've played quite often against Kyoko-Manji's Yoshi in the past, but I was no match for him. Not to be embarresed about, since he's one of the best Yoshi players in Europe. (Although he kinda switched to Raven) I'm welaware of the basic strategies, but it's often not enough for the skilled people I play against.

Well, got some reading to do here :)

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Hey and welcome

and just so you know any friend of Kyoko manji's is a friend of mine.

enjoy a your stay.

That's very kind of you. Thank you :)

hi. welcome to yot! :D

Welcome to YOT, Demonitzu. :) I hope you'll have great time here :)



I'll be dropping questions soon. Still reading the material here and a bit busy with college.