Caption Contest! :D

This should bring out a few laughs :) Tenshimitsu and K.O.-Mastah spent a week here in Finland, and later on we agreed that a few of the photos we took are definitely worth a caption contest. So, here are the entry photos.

Copy the photo and add your entry texts with any picture editor program, such as Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc. Just make sure you save it in *.jpg, or any other reasonably-sized format. Also, please upkeep good humor, because all offensive material will be removed. That being said, have fun! :D

My entries:

heres mine

Here's my Lot:

Great ones! :D Today I'll make my ones... just have to think about something funny :)

Sorry I made them emos xDD

Hmm, I wonder if there will ever be another caption contest? This looks fun. :)