A Game?!

Granted, but you lose your I-net connection. You then make a mad dash for the library comps but you forget your member-card No. and pin-number. ..You go back home & get them but now you forget your YOT password... Soo everyone is getting active and ur unable to participate. (Um sorry that kinda sucks but I'm tired.)

I wish I knew where everyone was...

You now know, but we're to far away for you to contact.

I wish I had bought the 60 gb PS3 instead of the 40 gb.

Granted, but it doesn't play any of your games.

I wish that I didn't suck at wishing... >.<

Granted, but now i suck at wishing.

I wish... for a ponei?

Granted, but...what the hell is a ponei?!

But now your ponei, ehh explodes and u can´t "use" it anymore -.-

Well, I wish I´d new the secret entrance to the Room of Spirit and Time (u know, the Dragonball thing..) ^^

Granted, but you forgot to ask for the secret exit and are trapped in there forever

I wish I had an unlimited supply of marshmallows. mmm....marshmallows

Granted, but you then turn into the Marshmallowman and get pawned by the Ghostbusters.

I wish I´d be funny -.-

But you're already funny!! Okay, granted but now no one can take you seriously, even when you're trying to be serious, everyone just laughs at you and you get so frustrated that you lose your mind and go on a crazy rampage. Eventually you are gunned down by the armed forces!!

Oh, A ponei could be like a small hourse!!

I wish... I wish I was the tooth fairy. In secret though. No one would know until they dug up my garden and realised there was a bed of teeth half a mile deep!

Granted, but it turns out you can't go around scamming young kids into sacrificing their teeth. You are in jail for life.

I wish I had written "pony" (little horse) instead of "ponei". And for a twix bar.

Granted, but then your pony eats your twix and gets a heavy shits, dude!

I wish I had a real light saber and force powers, so that I can pay back all the bad grades at school to my beloved teachers:)