A Game?!

Granted but everything is so peaceful that you flip and go killing, thus restarting the violence.

I wish you stopped corrupting my wishes.

granted, but now I took over his job :P

I wish I´d have my own anime studio

Granted, but your anime sucked worse than Naruto Shippuden.

I wish they're was another awesome and epic anime like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (so awesome, I cried)

NOT granted : P lol
I wish →.←

Not Granted EITHER! Ha, how do you like that!?

I wish the Air Gear anime didn't effing suck compared to the manga.

Okay. Now the manga sucks just as badly.

Thy wish is ungranted.

I wish everyone was better at this game.

Granted, but eveyones wish is denied and the game itself becomes pointless to the extent that nobody wants to play.

Man can I ramble on... I wish for alcohol. hic! :p

You get an alcohol hick. He asks you for booze, you have none. He beats you to death

I wish I owned a good pair of comfortable socks with absolutely no flaws.

Granted, but with blood gushing from my wounds I bleed all over them. Shame and they're ever so soft!:D

I wish I could have every yoshi figurine and picture in existence. Don't corrupt or u die!!!:no

Granted, but none of the pics are new to u!

I wish I could make that damn rain here stop....:con

Granted, but eventually all water evaporates, gathers up in clouds, blocks the sun, plants die thus destroying the ecosystem and bringing apocalypse.

I wish for a Mars chocolate bar.

Granted but I... sort of... ate half of it before I gave it to you. Sorry dude, but chocolate...

Anyway, I wish for....





Oh I know, I wish I would start taking part in this forum again! :p

Granted, but it consumes all your life and you keep posting until your fingers drop off.

(Hah! I'm a regular Jinniyah, aren't I? :D)

Grr... I wished my CCNA teacher would make at least ANY sense when explaining this stuff. :((

Granted, but God gave him sense and took Intelligence from you. You still don't understand him.

I wish I knew Kung Fu.

Okay granted, but your girlfriend leaves you because she can't stand the amount of time you spend dedicated to your art, the money you spend on your lessons and worse of all, the bruises she gets from being your unwitting sparring partner. Yeah, I'm talking from experience here! Though I'm exaggerating a bit.

My wish? I wish that YOT would get active again. I mean, what's wrong with everyone, have you forgotten just how awesomely amazing Yoshimitsu is?? How could you? Just LOOK at him guys, come back and share the obsession -Pleeeaase :cry