A Game?!


I have noticed that we don't have any game's. so let's play one:|



i make a wish then someone post's something bad like this:

me:I wish we could see yoshi without his armour

member:granted but he's ugly!

get it?

i'll start:I wish my tekken 3 disc worked!

well we do have Destory The Poster Above Thread but I supose we could see how this game works out.

Fastlegs of Fury Reply to Wish:"Just play Tekken 5 in arcade History"

ok my wish that I had PS3 with Tekken DR online on it.

Granted but it's broken!:)

okay i wish yoshimitsu was real

granted, but yoshi is just pixel whit other pixel's >:3

i wish, i will learn to talk japan

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Granted, but you lose your Tekken Skills, Mwhaha

I wish I was the strogest Yoshimitsu player in Euroupe and I win UTX

Granted but you don't get a prize:satisfied

i wish i had a cool robot voice (like yoshi's) AND IT WORKED:)

Granted, but you must scarfice your sword.

I wish I don't have to work on the 10th of September.

Granted but you lose your job!

I wish yoshi was in the tekken movie:D

granted, but Kuni is comin back as well and she kills Yoshi.

I wish, I could have 20 WKD's (alchol) tonight

Granted but you get extremmly drunk and you end up in a cow farm where chicken just look's at you...

i wish nothing:satisfied

Then you die for your wickdness:D

I wish my phone would have saved the tekken matches I recoreded last night.

Granted but something bad happen's:)

i wish fish (that's right 'fish')

granted, but it smells bad and u die :D

i wish my birthday is tomorrow

granted, but you don't get no presents.

Wish I could watch the Undertaker's return at Unforgivin.

granted, but you lose your eyes. lol

I wish I had three more wishes.