tekken 5 questions

just a couple of quick questions:

1. what is that shootemup loading game at the beginning called?

2. i've heard of this secret mode called tekken dojo. does it exist?


I can answer one of the questions, it is called airblade (or something like that) you can unlock it by playing your way thorgth Tekken 5 and then when you have it will be in the aircade history mode after Tekken 3.:)

never seen a dojo tho.:con

1. Starblade; unlock the full game by finding the spaceship icon somewhere in the 4th level of Devil Within mode - alternatively, you can just play lots of rounds in the regular modes and you unlock it eventually.

2. It's a mode on the PSP game, Tekken: DR, similar to story mode but with some unique challenges, I think . Haven't played it though, but I doubt you're missing out on much...

~Chiefness :)