If you had one day

Meet all my dear friends, drink to death and die

Oh okay... since we seem to have survived the LHC (is it still broken btw? Any one know?) then I'll post what I'd REALLY do on my last day inside this little body.

I would go through my belongings and my hard drive and destroy, throw away, burn or delete any incriminating evidence that I'd rather my family didn't find. I'm not sure a day would give me enough time though! lol... only kidding I'm not that bad. Still, there are a few things that would make my mother blush if she found them so they'd have to go.

Also... the day after my soul abandons ship is when the fun will really start for me. I'd start visiting all of my friends and annoy them with my ghostly torments!! Just so they know I'm gone but not far away!! Then I'd see about reincarnating as Yoshimitsu!! No one will understand how one man could be EXACTLY like a video game character invented 20 years before his birth. It will become proof that there is a God and his name is Namco. And Yoshimitsu will spread love and joy and peace to all mankind and the Earth and all who live upon her will live happily ever after.

Oh and Gattsu... never waste your time on anyone who isn't willing to waste their time on you!


kill myself proberly? i wouldn´t be able too enjoy the day and if i can´t enjoy life why live it?

Well it depends on if only I was gonna die or the world was gonna end....If it was just me dying I think I can forget the heroin/cocaine thing....I have already experienced living high, no need to try dying high as well, I've come too close already..So, I think I would hug everyone I love, and maybe a few strangers, then make a list of all the things I wanna do before I go and try to accomplish them all. For example, I would love to swim with sharks, slap a few celebrities, and maybe a few cops as well. I think I'd have to play Tekken a little, grind naked on the pope, french-kiss a monkey, and try fugu. Then I would jump out of an airplane with no parachute. But, if it was the whole world ending I would still give the hugs, and kiss the monkey, but after that, I would grab a lawn chair and sit outside with some popcorn and watch the end.

Build my tomb with lego brick, go to japan and sleep with one of the local, ask luca turilli to play at my funeral, get lvl 200 in PSO, meet you guys and challenge you to SC 4 , gattsu first, because i really want to go to germany

:D really??? Awesome! U can come here in march next year, or april, doesn´t matter. I´ll have nothing to do then...well, not much at least ;)

I could show you Munich and Augsburg and some cool places.
Wanna see a bunch of crazy drunken dudes?? -> Münchner Bräuhaus XD hahaha
They´ll be singing loudly and probably shaking all the time :P

When a Taiwanese friend went there with his travel group the Asian girls were really scared hehehehe

Hehehehe.. 'The Yoshimitsu Obsession Exchange Program!'

So there you go Kage.. you can't get out of it now (okay, you totally can but that sounded good)... But it would be awesome if you really DID visit Gattsu because next year, I'll hopefully be living there too so double the fun!!! This also means we will have my PS3 and Soul Calibur 4 for you to play...

Oh, and of course, even if you DON'T plan on dying the next day, we could still throw you a party and call it 'The Kagekiyo's last day Earth party' just for the pure amusement of it.

XD, i "kagekiyo" declare that i will go to germany one day and find you guys,

I often feel like I might only have one day left. What do I do? Take it one minute at a time.

jesus that must be awfull:(

Why do you feel this way Pris??? It must be difficult living that way.

if i only have a day?

i'll try to contact all you guys into a web conference with mic and webcam...

AND, the important one...

i promise i'll go to toronto,canada... no matter what...

i'd kill my social science teacher.. ;P