If you had one day

ok simple Question, if you had only one day to live, what would you do?

I will be first,
If I had only one day left I would go back in time and see all my friends.:)

i would...

spend the entire day with my family.

i would run naked around the street :D muahahahahaha

i would meet someone who i really love :)

i would kill paris hilton and her sister

i would ..................

Spend my all time with her...

I would, even for such a short period, become a [insert my life-long dream job here] and do as much good to the world as I could.

Grab my credit card and spend all my money on everything I've ever wanted. Then I use it to visit as many countries as possible.

I don't have to worry about the bills as I'll be dead LMAO.:p

Write a poem about my life.

Watch the entire series of Death Note!!

Well I'd tag (paint my name) the whole city. Leave my mark before going off.

Run and tag, run and tag, run and tag...

I wouldn't go to classes
I'd hang out with my friends
I'd play baseball
I'd buy stuff that I can't afford
I'd eat lots of sweets
Maybe go skydiving or something I've never done before

Lots of stuff

OMG maybe we only do have one day left to live. Aren't they switching on that Large Hadron Collider tomorrow? Surely a machine that can re-create the effects of the 'Big Bang' could potentially go wrong (lol). So here's my plan.

When the Earth explodes, all YOT members must grab onto a chunk of rock as it flies into space (grab your own little bit of breathable atmosphere on the way through of course).

Then we shall rendevous on the nearest inhabitable planet which we shall name YOT, train the wild alien animals, learn about the strange alien plants and begin our lives as a Yoshimitsu obsessed society. Hey then maybe we all really be able to call ourselves 'Space Ninja'.

Okay, so my plan has a few obvious flaws. Actually, it's pretty much one flaw after another but hey, I thought it was funny.

So if I had one day to live? I'd write the above post apparently! :D

I support Jembru's Plan.

Spread the word of Yoshimitsu through the galaxy!!!

Eat hell of delicious food, shamelessly find a sex partner, work a way to get money from credit card companies into cash and have it handed off physically several times, then donated to charity, try cocaine or heroin, and then induce a coma on myself, because all death is incredibly painful unless you are in a coma.

I'd probably spend most of my money on presents for my family and closest friends, leaving them all a personal note to say my goodbyes.

I'd then spend the rest on delicious food, the most potent narcotics and other decadent luxuries to share with my girlfriend in my last moments. Probably will be repenting my sins as well, though this would seem quite at odds with the excessive drugs and food-excesses.

You only die once- better make it a worthwhile experience :P

I like Kanta´s idea.
I´d play real life GTA. Drive around with my car crashing everything that gets into my way!
Get some weapons, wreck havoc. Then I´d go to the girl whom I have loved all my life and tell her that it´s my last day and that I even once want to kiss her before I´ll be gone.
(I messed up my only chance in the past and now she doesn´t have any interst in me, so...)
If she refuses, I´d probably rape her. -.-":no hehe
Na, just kidding. But I´d kill a few ppl that harmed me in the past.

And I´d save some time to write some memoirs