Tekken force (tekken 3 ver.)

anyone still play this? just unlocked dr.b on it.

if you do, which characters do you find best to use?

the first 3 times i completed it to get the keys, i used law.
fourth time i just couldn't make it with law, so i cheated and used true ogre.

i only just beat dr.b.... i had about 2 energy left and 3 seconds left on the clock.
had my heart pumping, lol.

those owls in the mishima fortress are ANNOYING!

well I remember playing that when I had the game but I have played the 4.0 one with JIN and it took me no time to complate and Jin is not even my chracter.

I say the best chracters to use in the tekken 3 version of tekken froce is Gon (small is good), Eddy (sends the gurads nuts) and Yoshimitsu (of couse).

using the orges does not prove anything if you beat the froce, try using someone harder, it will be good for your gameply.:)

hwoarang is the best in tekken force...

I agree,but the only way I beat the Tekken Force was the invincibility cheat on the Gameshark!

I play ''only'' with Yoshimitsu ... and I win .

Damn.. haven't played T force in a while.... I miss that loud announcement after the consumption of CHICKEN!!! mmm.. chicken is very good. :P Oh, and not to forget Yoshi's awesome tekken tune! :P Think i'll play later...