Sakujo : I never watched or readed Bleach(I'm going to. 320 chapters! wish me good luck! xD), but as I saw some pics... Yeah You're right xD
You should watch the anime it's better ..... and yup this new yoshi is very good looking iam looking forward to but my hands on him8)

He has chain thingies coming off his back. apparently he doesn't fight with yoshimitsu his sword, because its power is weakening and he gets power from slaying evildoers (cough Bryan cough) otherwise it makes the user go insane. a happy story

i agree that devil kazuya would bomb, because he has control and can concentrate and harness his power to defeat the to other devils. still, i wonder how jinpachi got the devil gene... i also wonder what kazuya would be like without the devil gene, cuz in his tekken 5 ending he seems to be taken over when he kills jinpachi.

Don't you think Heihachi is poor, because everyone in his familly has devil gene, and he's not xD
And forget about True Ogre? He was the real power of Devil Gene

Tenshimitsu : It is supposed that Jin's birth somewhat "stole" a part of devil energy from Kazuya. That's why Kazuya is after Jin, wanting to... basically kill him. :)

I heard tht story too... like after the T2, heihachi throws Kazuya in a volcano, nd so to survive, he sends some of his devil spirit to Jin.. which supposingly gets him while Jun is pregnant or mayb the spirit roamed around for yrs then got him in the jungle while he was walking( **as seen on the start of T3** )


They are just been too "OP"*

before they get OP i used them but dont want them in the game anymore

*(Over Powered)

I Haven´t really been a fan of supernatural charactors, they are fun too watch but wings and lasers thing is sure not my style but if I had too pick one it would be the orignal Devil kazuya