if all three (correct me if there are more) of the devil gene-carrying mishimas (in their devil forms) fought each other, who would win?

they are: (for those who don't know:)

Devil Kazuya (a.k.a. devil)
Devil Jin
Devil Jinpachi (a.k.a. jinpachi)

i'm not fully sure, but if i had to bet money, it would be devil kazuya. i suppose the original is usually best, plus kazuya can control his devil form.

Jin leads the new skool

Jin to win anyday of the week:D

Jin, he's the youngest, and good lookin :D

Kazuya. The original and the best. Jin's just a pretty boy and Jinpachi is Namco's blunder.

That is my opinion.

yea totaly!

It would be close but it'd probably be some final showdown between Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin

I'd love it to end as a draw but if I had to choose, I'd prefer Devil Jin

Yeah Jin is the cutest, but only Kaz can full control his devil gene. I think he would win (Damn... imagine Devil Yoshimitsu xDDD)

Devil Yoshimitsu would be pretty interesting XD

Kazuya, being able to change at will is my vote...

then again Jin only changes when he is angry (or threatened) and pure unleashed fury would make him stronger than the calm devil kazuya in theory

still though devil kazuya :)

looking back at this thread, i'm suprised it's been 'ressurected', and happy that no-one has currently picked jinpachi XD yea, devil yoshi would be weird... ut that would probably have a chance of 0.0000000000000001 of happening, thank god.

my money's still on devil kazuya, by the way ;)

It is supposed that Jin's birth somewhat "stole" a part of devil energy from Kazuya. That's why Kazuya is after Jin, wanting to... basically kill him. :)

As for Jin, he cannot control himself that well. Or maybe he can? It depends on what we name the "control". Kazuya gives up to the evil within and transforms into full devil form. He wants it, he's deeply evil himself. As for Jin, it seems he doesn't want evil to overpower him. But anyway the story goes on and it looks like Jin will become Kazuya, and Kazuya will get bold and become evil Heihachi. :)

Jin is not so good anymore... read Tekken 6 storyline :)

i always thought that heihachi got the short end of the stick ( granted he won't get much sympathy here lol ) jinpachi heihachi's father has/had the devil gene, kazuya has the devil gene, jin has the devil gene ... and yet heihachi doesn't and won't more than likely. it is a shame but on the other hand in spite of his lack of the infamous devil gene he still is all but imortal .. he surrvives from an explosion that would have killed almost anyone else and still found the strength to compete in the Iron fist tournament.... this is his way of compensating for the power his immediate family has in there blood .. his god fist fighting style can be slow but is extremely powerful rivaling even the power of jinpachi's style after his transformation .. eh.. in the hands of a dedicated heihachi player .. maybe .. ( on tekken 5: Dr my heihachi is ranked "divine fist" he reins supreme... if only he had a devil gene ...

and i miss kazuyas devil form .. it was great because the restraint he showed .. still fighting like kazuya ... just with wings and eye lazers lol

jin's new fighting style pre devil jin is alot like jun's and while it is quick and powerful its also too restrained for him, where as in devil jin he fights alot like his mishima self,... i just wonder how he will be on 6

Jinpachi destroyed at the end of Tekken 5, so he is the toughest. I never really liked Devil Jin, he's a bit too predictable. Devil Kazuya was also extremely tough at the end of Tekken 2. So I'd have to rate them Jinpachi > Kazuya > Jin.

of topic: I think that T6 YOSHI is more like Devil Yoshimitsu to me i mean that he looks like Ichgo frome Bleach don't ya think:D

I never watched or readed Bleach(I'm going to. 320 chapters! wish me good luck! xD), but as I saw some pics... Yeah You're right xD