New 5.0 Yoshi video - coming soon

What can I say...
Keep your fingers crossed for me and my project :) Hope it will be finished within 2 weeks.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Ok, it's online now :)

Yoshimitsu - sutimishoY

Hope you'll like it :)

(the 2:30 juggle looks odd because it's d/f+2 SSR~f+1 SSL~f+1 SS+1)

Awesomeness :yes

Heh, I can't be too far off imagining Yoshimitsu being a great consumer of aspirin; you ended many of the juggles with Kamikaze (f,f+3+4?).

How did you manage to get such a high-quality video? What kind of system did you use to record video from PS2 to PC?

Thanks :)

It's not f,f+3+4 but f+3+4. I've used it because I've gotten used to DR.

The vid doesn't have a very good quality because I recorded it in 320x240 resolution.
I'm using an Aver TV GO 007 Plus TV card which costs about 150 zlotys here (about 40 Euros).

Di : It's not f,f+3+4 but f+3+4. I've used it because I've gotten used to DR.
Bummer :p It's been a while I used Yoshi boy the previous time... :blush
Hmm... I'm considering making a Tekken film of my own, too. I've tried out a few TV cards but they've so far left part of the screen out or haven't worked well (this was, say, three years ago? :D) I think I might try out that card, since it doesn't seem to be insanely expensive.

will you be doing it for Bryan Boy or Yoshi Koga?

Di just seen your video loads of great combos but you didn't do any combos for u/f+3, how come?

still a great video

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I don't want to post a comment in our Polish forums, so I will do this here.

Di, many of the combos you did weren't guaranteed... for example, 2,3 isn't a combo, not even on CH. To be honest, I expected something better after you posting the combo video by Fribe:

Not to mention many combos vs Bigs involved. Yoshi has many tricks and traps you could use. Some of them were newly discovered in TK DR but are still possible in Tekken 5.0.

But anyway, it was a nice movie to watch. :)

Who's Fribe? That was awesome!!



yoshimitsu project 3 coming soon:D (clip on tk6 and soul calibur 1,2,3,4) (!) ^^

tia , na tym forum jest już pare polaków(4?) o lol:D polaki górą:D

Sokar, I don't think your video link is working.:con