Yoshi and "300"

A quick one I made this evening out of pure boredom. It was meant as my signature, but then I realised pics aren't allowed in siggies! ^__^

oh, God! It's so cute! :satisfied
how did you make it?

Hey thanks ^_^ well, uhm.. I cut out Yoshi and Brian in Adobe Photoshop, and painted some quick background. That's all to it.. ^^

how did you get them? you have tekken 6? :satisfied

:blush No, I don't even have a Playstation 3 yet. I simply took one of the leaked screenshots, and modified it to fit my needs :)

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oh, ok :)
i have ps3, but not the Tekken 6 yet :(
nice new avatar :wink

yea i have one too, only got tekken 5 dr on it tho.

nice... i've only seen the ytmnd parody of 300 but this is good...

i can only love this xD

What the heck is Sparta?

Sparta - the ancient country in Greece... just google it. :)

You haven't seen the movie "300" I suppose?

Kiri, I love this pic! I hope you don't mind if I put it to my signature on some forums? :D

LOL! That's so funny!

nice one!!! hehe... 300 anyone? xD

Yoshimitsu would definitely make a great King Leonidas... but who would be his queen? *runs over to the pairings thread*

hmmm, fanfiction about a 300-like story for yoshi anyone? :D

im not good at fanfiction anyway... and the art looks pretty well

This is not Sparta , this... is... TEKKEN !!! :) hehe cool picture.