Yellow, orange, green. hmmmm... i think Im making my yoshi (p outfit) all green. hahha.

Im new here. Never realized there is such a thing as yoshi-fanatic until i stumbled in this site and hello, found out i was a yoshi fan too.
I loooove tekken and my old character was paul. Sadly, my wallet got stolen and hence, losing my Paul card. waaaaa. I loved it because it was 4th dan 120 wins, 14 loses only. beating one of the best in this mall called Gateway. waaaaa. and after it got lost, I lost the passion to have the same character and tada! i chose yoshi.
Im hoping to have good friends to share my passion of tekken with people and if you want, I can show you around "hot spots" of tekken here in the Philippines, Manila, Quezon City to be exact. hehe.
Im not a pro but I hope that staying here would boost my character up and equip me with good friendships that will last forever. ^^