hey peeps

hey yall iam new to this forum but i just wanna say hi ive been playing tekken (*and other games as well*) for awile now but now ive been travleing but i was wondering how the polish tekken scene is?? i wanna go to poland for some time now just to visit and site see but if theres a gamming scene there then koo koo anyway i play in the U.S. and ppl like crow alot so if ur down for some real comp hit me up.

HEY jTm!

Welcome to YOT.

Make your self at home and if there is anything you want help with don't be afrid to ask anyone for help.:)

can you also please read The Forums Rules to avoid any problems.:)

As for the Tekken scence in Poland I don't live down there but I know for a fact that it is a very good secne, but don't stop at poland there are also good secnes in Italy, France and of Coruse the UK.:D

if you are very serious about having tekken matches with the guys and girls in poland then you should speak to Tenshi.:)

and once again welcome

Fastlegs of Fury

How are ya,jTm,and welcome to the forums and have a great time:D