Favorite Yoshimitsu costume

Personally I hate the secret costume from T5. I prefer the T5 punch outfit, even though it doesn't suit yoshimitsu.

I think Tekken 4 costumes are the best, this bug one looks so awesome ^__^
And I like the frist T5 armor

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Mine's the one that they never used, and it was a rough draft - it was true looking bug yoshimitsu, with huge bug eyes n'all. You guys know what I'm talking about, or do I seem crazy? O_o

But from ones that were used, probably his player 2 outfit of Tekken 4.

:DTekken 6 AND 3,4,5,1 all of theme are great

Man i can't choose just one. Ok so Tekken 4 beetle outfit for sure. Soul Calibur Hennya mask outfit (dreamcast), Soul Calibur 2- 3 section mask (wow!), soul 3- Tengu outfit (just brilliant), all Tekken 5 outfits (my remix with the kick button outfit). If only Namco could make them all available for Tekken 6 as downloads. And then Soul 4. I haven't seen his new outfits yet!

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