Know Of Any Other Tekken "Shrines" Out There?

Hey all,

I know we all have a thing for Yoshi, hence this site. But, I was wondering: Do any of you all know of any other sites purely dedicated to other characters of Tekken? I know there is at least one for Hwoarang (, and I think there is one for Ling as well. There was a recent thread on Tekken Zaibatsu called "Why Are Xaioyu Fans So Obsessive?" Anyway, the second or third post got me laughing, made by a Yoshimitsurugi:

"They have nothing on us Yoshimitsu fans."

So, do they or do they not have 'nothing on us Yoshimitsu fans'?

Post any you find!

You mean Yoshimitsu shrines?

...There was once a "KenshiChan's Yoshimitsu Shrine", but disappeared. I also knew the MossLight shrine: also disappeared. But there are in fact many, many Japanese Yoshi shrines! Gonna post links to them soon. The Hara-Kiri Shrine (my personal favourite), The Headshaker Shrine, Hidden Manji Village, "Use imagination as a weapon"... also the author of Sunlight Yellow is known to be a great YoshiFan.

Also, There are english shrines, too, and Yoshi fanlisting. Gonna dig into my PC and find the links, but I can't do this now, I'm not in Home.

I know of a Lee Chaolan shrine called "Runnin From The Hitman", but I don't know the link, so just search for it on Google or something.

I know Hwoarang's - Hwoarangsmirk

And I know there will be Steve's site.

;_; there was once Kunimitsu shrine....
but it disappeard too...damn i want to ask the administrator of these page if she have all those pictures (Zephyr)

 It looks like a lot of these character-specific fansites have gone down.

Let's all work together to make sure that Manjikai stays up and running indefinitely~! :D

 Hehe, It will be up and running as long as I'm alive, and maybe some more if I hand it down to a trusted person :P

It's like you'd be passing down the Manji Clan! XD

That would be quite a responsibilty for this person to carry.

 Let's hope that it's a really long time until that day comes. ^_^

 true passion never fades away so  this place aren't gonna leave the interwebs soon.